For the first time .. Americans "bear and give birth" one child!😲🔥

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Two women were able to "co-pregnancy" and have one child, during a unique experiment, the first of its kind in the medical world. The New York Post reported that Ashley and Bliss had participated in the "mutual enrichment" experiment in an in vitro fertilization process.👇

The eggs were fertilized in the laboratory via a modern microorganism device. The fertilized egg was then transferred into a special biological incubator and then placed in the Bliss cervix for 5 days before a viable embryo was established.

The embryo was then transferred to the uterus of Ishli, which remained under the control of the scientists for 10 days, until it stabilized completely. The researchers say the new IVF method does not require significant costs, costing only $ 15,000, twice as much as the cost of classical IVF. The scientists pointed out that the child was born healthy, despite the method of pregnancy is unconventional and usual, and now five months old. The new method of inoculation and pregnancy greatly increases the chances of couples with pregnancy and childbirth problems, scientists said.

  • Source: New York Post

Where's the source for this? It's clearly not copy-and-pasted as it makes no sense.

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