Happy 2019!

in newyears •  16 days ago

I wish you all a successful 2019.

I never to new years resolutions because i believe it is important to have goals constantly, not just once a year.

Whatever goals and wishes you have I hope they come true.

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Happy new year. Goals are important so I hope you can hit them over the next year. Both long term and short.

Happy New Year!

Wish you all the best and keep up the great work you been doing around here!

Happy New year! I wish you will continue writing about investment in 2019. I like thoose posts from 2018

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Wishes you the same....!

Wonderful, I agree with you. However, Happy new year!

A Happy and Successful 2019 to you also!

Happy New Year to you too! All the best in life and with Steem Bounty

Dear @knircky, i wish you a great 2019 too, please keep on in Steemit with @steem-bounty, i love it and i cannot find any reason to stay in Steemit without it...


Thank you and your support!

Good morning @knircky

Hopefully 20199 will not be as gloomy and difficult as many experts predicts.

I also hope you don't wont mind this off-topic comment. I only wanted to say thank you for supporting our small initiative "SANTA VENEZUELA". We all appreciate your kind support.

Hi, @knircky!

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New year happy.
Credit rating for last year's website,
Really paid website,
I will split the investment part of the funds,
Increase my investment quota on those websites

Happy new year my friend!!1 Thank you for everything!!

I wish you a happy new year from lower Austria!
Stay healthy and happy and keep on working on @steem-bounty ;-)
Thx, Robert

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Thanks for you well wishes, wishing you more than same... Cheers!

Happy New Year @knircky!

I didn't do a new year resolution this year because it always has to do with my weight. I try to work on it year round, but to no avail.