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They said change is the only constant thing in the world, ironically, complacency almost comes second nature to human beings. I ceased believing in new year's resolution few years ago when I realized that my lists were just literally new year's resolution. You know why? I tried doing everything on my list before, the thing is after new year, I forgot about it and went back to my old self again. But. Why not give myself another chance to make that infamous list again?

So now, I made a list of it.

  1. Punctuality

I am almost and always late. When I was in elementary and even higshcool I payed fines for being late. When I took college I made letters for being late. The letters are too many I can always have it book-binded. Until now that I am working, I still am tardy. I thought I will change since I'm already a professional unfortunately old habits indeed die hard. I don't know what's wrong with me honestly. I don't know if overestimate time most of the time or maybe I take everything slow. Nevertheless, I will try my best not be late next year again! Wish me luck though. 😁

  1. Say no to procrastination.

I think the primary reason why I'm always late is I always procrastinate. Everytime I wake up earlier than expected, I take my time with my phone thinking I still have more time to dilly dally. Time passes by and the next thing I know I'm already running for my life. Furthermore, everytime I have an important thing to do like projects or any assignments I will never accomplish that ahead of time. I start doing my tasks once I am already on the dealine, so I tend to do it in a hurry not really caring about its output.

  1. Set priorities

As a grown up individual I need to set my priorities straight. I know I should have done that long time ago but I am easily distracted by a lots of things that I tend to forget about the more important stuff. Next year I will try to know my battle and focus on something that brings improvement to my life.

  1. Be tactful

I am really a tactless individual, at some point I become insensitive of the words I utter. I sometimes thought I was being honest but true enough some words are better left unsaid. I will try to think before I speak and lessen voicing out my opinions most specially if they are not good.

  1. Travel more!!

Being an adventurous person I crave for travelling out to different places and smelling a scent of new city. I always like to explore the beauty of the world and experience the culture of other people. For me experience is something that not all of us are brave enough to wander. Many people are afraid of novelty but I on the other hand want to see the limits of my potentials.

  1. Get out of my comfort zone

Many of us get chicken feet when we are confronted with unfamiliarity, we start to get anxious when there is a break in our routine or we are given tasks we are not used doing. I guess it's always present in each individual. We tend to stick to what we know and we used to do because maybe we're afraid of the consequences. I guess we will only know how to truly live once we have to the audacity to confront life's twists and turns. As for me I am slowly building up courage so that when the right time comes I will be open to that new challenge and getting out of my safe haven might not be that difficult.

So that's my new year's resolution but honestly you do not have to wait for new year to make a change. Everyday you can change at a slow pace because it doesn't magicall happen overnight. It takes a strong willed person to change.

Thank you @steemph.cebu for conducting such interesting contest. Happy new year!

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You have a great new year's resolution jeiz and I hope you can achieve all of it for next year . :) <3 :)


I do hope jo. 😳😁


@surpassinggoogle Happy New Year to you . :) May you have a prosperous year ahead of you .

Best of luck to our 2018!


Thank you! I wish you the same! 😊

It's never too late to achieve those things! <3


I know nin. It's just hard to change for the better I guess. 😭😭

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