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Resolution? What is this that we often here from adults?

According to Google:


  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
    "she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more"
    synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan;

Therefore, resolutions are not just mere words that were often written of someone on his or her diary. It is something that requires strong conviction and perseverance to do or not to do the task at hand.

Before I go to sleep, since it is almost three in the morning here, let me share to you my Steemit New Year Resolution. This is also my entry for Steemph.cebu's New Year Challenge. I must say, 2017 has been the greatest year ever since for me! Of course why not! Haha! It is also the year when I found out about steemit. I could not imagine my life without steemit-- seriously.

I always had this in mind even before December started. I always question myself what are the room for improvements. I frequently ask my friends too who are outside steemit of the things I should consider in writing. To the organizers, coming up with such contest like this one, I must say is a good decision. This will allows the users who will participate to assess themselves -- or should I say ourselves since I will be taking part of this competition. And I am shameless to say that I hope we will win.


Now, let us get started!

  • For 2018, I am decisive to share steemit to more people especially from my community. I will persuade them more that this social media is not just another social media platform but will allow you to grow. I already recruited some of my friends and relatives here and I hope that a lot more would follow.

  • In line with that, I wish and I am decisive to create a steemit community in our city. I find this pivotal as this would mobilize more communities especially when it comes to funds in community building activities and charity events.

  • I am decisive to become more interactive to people and become somewhat a front desk where I would keep my lines open to questions and clarifications. In line with that, I also wish to encourage fellow minnows to continue writing despite the fact that it is challenging.

  • I pledge to inspire more people by reading their posts thoroughly and take it by heart. Isn't it annoying how some people would just check your blog post and tell you great!, good job! and a lot more irrelevant comments?
    I will also carefully look on posts that requires boosting. By boosting, I do not mean promoting their posts, but rather inspire the writer to keep on doing his or her share in this community.

  • I would continually write good posts here on steemit. Writing should always be a serious business! Making artworks means serious business as well.

  • Lastly, I would continue on making myself as a channel of blessings to others using the payouts I receive here on steemit. I always love to help others and would love to help more. I wish I would grow into a better Steemian on 2018 so that my reach would be wider.

How about you? What are your Steemit Resolutions for 2018? Do you also wish to make one and join the competition? Check more about it on this link:

Have a great day ahead and I hope we would continually grow.

Lots of love,
Johanna Gail

All photos are from pixabay which are all free for commercial use and no attribution required

Johanna Gail H. Tongco, or also known as @gailbelga, is a twenty four year old freelance artist and feature writer from the Philippines. She graduated Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and took up Masters in Public Administration, but she chose to work with various communities through art and a lot more activities. She uses her steemit payouts as a source of her donations on some chosen charities in her community.
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Cheers to that dear! Go go go!


Nawa tayoy mablocktrades hahahahauhuhu 😍

it was really interesting to read your post. it is gonna be a nice steem year. steem on.


Thank you @rifkan. I am hoping for your success as well <3

success for you together hopefully in the year 2018 the more successful for us all


Thank you dear. I am also rooting for the success of everyone here on steemit. <3


yes thank you dear

success for you together hopefully in the year 2018 the more successful for us all

Good countes

Johanna Gail it's a brilliant idea to make your local community of steemit. it shows your devotion toward wonderful community. It's the way to make this community more strong. keep sharing nice idea. All the best for your noble cause. @gailbelga


Thank you for your support dear @kamchore 😚

You always have the art to serve. I wish you all the best my dear daughter. We love you and thank you for helping our family.