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My Steemit New Year's Resolutions

Always want to post more often but ends up not doing so? Repeat creating the same old articles and not giving time to do more informative write-ups? 2018 is the perfect opportunity to start a new you! It is indeed very difficult to change our bad habits into good ones. This even leads us to becoming resentful about ourselves but there is always room for change.

This 2018, I’ve decided to throw my old steemit habits and do new and better habits. Upon writing this article, there are plenty of aspects to improve on. However, I’ve summed up all my resolutions to my 5 Steemit New Year’s Resolutions . I know it will be a long and winding road towards improvement but I will try my best to fulfill these resolutions!

Oprah Winfrey once said:

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Here are my 5 Steemit New Year's Resolutions:

Poor quality articlesInformative posts on current issues and trends
Focus on only the same articles that interest meSupport to the local Steemit Community
Passing of judgment on postsEncouragement of writers especially the new ones
Non participation on steemian meet ups and activitiesInteraction to fellow Steemians

1. LESS Poor Quality Articles, MORE Informative posts on current issues and trends

It has always been a challenge to create fresh articles and tiring to research informative ones. This 2018, I will try to give more educational and improved posts that deal with “How-to’s”, “Where to’s” and other write ups alike. I also ought to enhance my writing skills and enrich my vocabulary to produce a more thought out article. I aim to always proofread my articles to avoid misspells and other errors that might confuse the readers.

2017-12-29 08.16.47 1.jpg
Few of my Personal New Year's Resolutions

2. LESS Focus on only the same articles that interest me, MORE Support to the local Steemit Community

This 2018, I aspire to explore the Local Steemit Community by reading and supporting my fellow Filipino Steemians especially those that are still starting here. I will give attention not only to the same articles that I have been paying attention to and discover other topics that may be out of my interests but will make me become a better steemian. I also aim to encourage my fellow Cebuanos to join the community and share my learning and knowledge about it.

3. LESS Passing of judgment on posts , MORE Encouragement of writers especially the new ones

For the new year, I will try to avoid the passing of judgment on posts that I dislike and give encouragement to the writers especially those that are still starting. It is very easy to criticize hence, this 2018, I will upvote those articles that are good even if the writers are still new ones or those that I do not know. I will also give suggestions and recommendations and will also be open to appreciate the feedbacks that I got in return.

4. LESS Non participation on steemian meet ups and activities, MORE Interaction to fellow steemians

This 2017, I've been very busy and was not present during steemian meet ups and gatherings. As a result, I was not able to meet fellow steemians and listen to them and eventually learn from them. This 2018, I intend to be participative and more supportive regarding the activities on steemit. I will also share my knowledge to others to also help them and in return, I will be open minded to what they ought to say about my articles.

My Steemit Experience

5. LESS Negativity, MORE Positivity

For the new year, I aim to be more positive and try to not be discouraged if my posts have less upvotes. I will be open minded and will make this as an opportunity to grow and improve. I will also listen to those who have been doing steemit for a long period of time and will follow their tips and advices. Instead of feeling down whenever my post gets unappreciated, I will strive hard to become positive and improve the quality of articles I write.

This is an entry to @steemph.cebu 's New Year Challenge:

As what a famous saying entails:

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Changing is difficult and it will take time for sure. But if we just focus on improving ourselves, then the process will be a lot easier. I hope 2018 will be a good year. A year full of new chances, new hopes and new lessons to learn. Happy New Year!

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Nice! More meet-ups next year!

Yay! :)

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Karon pa ko kabasa @brokemancode! haha..happy new year!

happy new year sad :)