2018 New Year. Steem hitting an all-time high!

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Happy New Year to all my fellow Steemians!

The last half of 2017 was a blast, and although I don't like getting older- I do love starting a new year off right.

Last New year was super low-key for me. Actually, all of my past New Year's were fairly low-key. I'm a homebody and usually prefer to spend my evening inside with close friends and family- with a few bottles of wine and some great food.


Have you ever get buzzed in middle of the day? =p

This year, I had a plan to kick off 2018 in Singapore, but with my passport issues this wasn't feasible. So, almost last minute this evening was about to be another night watching the ball drop in NYC, living vicariously through those at the actual event. How one day, I would love to be there. Just once. Maybe Steemit will provide us all that opportunity. The opportunity to travel to the distant places we've never been and yet never imagined we could actually go.

Finished one bottle of wine even before the New Year kicks in, lol!

I have only been on Steemit for a bit more than 5 months now and I can attest that this opportunity is the absolute best, and maybe only chance I would have in my life to achieve the dreams I have had since my youth.

I grew up in a very impoverished area of the Philippines...


Of course, there are many others that had it worse- I am not claiming to have suffered more than most. In fact, I am thankful for my upbringing. It has given me the chance to appreciate every stepping stone laid in front of me, and become the success I wanted.


When I first met my American boyfriend, he tried to explain to me that in America, children are taught to dream big. Often times having projects or career days, where you dress up or put on a presentation of the person you want to be when you are an adult. Some kids dressed in their version of the Person, a NASA Astronaut, or a soldier. In the Philippines our dreams are just as real, but- I think in areas like Guiuan, we are more practical about our dreams. Sure, when I was young I aspired of being a Hollywood star. Yet, I also knew the path to reach such goals was almost impossible to reach. So I didn't spend much effort trying to realize these dreams.


Now with platforms like Steemit. It is much easier for us to live the lives we may not have dreamed about-For the fear of letting g ourselves down.

Do I still want to be a Hollywood celebrity? No. But, what I wanted was the opportunity to travel, eat the best foods, buy myself and my family comfort. And to own my own time. I am not quite there, but am much further ahead than I ever imagined. 100% thanks to my friends, family, and the Steemit community.


Charity does start at home. However, the more success we have, the more we can share. And this is so powerful. Before, in order to be fortunate enough to give to charities, would mean sacrificing something else in my life. Money or time. Now, I am able to continually reinvest in myself and the platform and be rewarded with the compounding effects of time+volume combined.


So, this year to celebrate a great second half of 2017- I decided to treat myself a bit. Everything else seemed to fall through at the last minute. Between my trip to Singapore, and then a resort in Palawan, Philippines. So as a last-ditch effort, I booked 2 nights at Sileo in Balamban, Cebu. I have always wanted to visit this place- But, to be honest it was completely out of our budget before. And they just happened to have the New Year unbooked!


This place is the epitome of grand. I believe, (and didn't count), that it has enough space for 15 people to stay over, with plenty of room to spare. And I finally got to blow the dust off of my fluffy hooded sweatshirt :)

So thanks to all my friends, my family, and everyone else here on Steemit for contributing to such a great platform. I hope we can all help each other obtain the successes we desire, and deserve. I appreciate every vote I get, and hope I am doing more than my part in helping the community stay positive.

To see more photos of the place, here's the link, airbnb.

Thank you once again Steemian for taking your time to read. I hope you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year and the years to come!




Hello! Happy new year! Your photo is nice! Your house is very beautiful!

Hi, @ryacha21 thank you, I hope that's my house but we just rented it for 2 nights. =)
It's awesome especially if you can see it in person.

its great @purepinay may be one day the house is your.... :) great

happy newyear:D

Happy New Year has been busy lately hehe. How did you celebrate the holiday?

Happy new year to you too. Indeed she's lovely. It reminds me of my younger self when I used to dream of owning a home together with my partner. I hope all our dreams come true, but I'm really glad that @purepinay's dreams are being accomplished as we speak. Truly inspiring.

Hey @cryptosharon I see you replied to this comment too..

thank you for spending your time here. I see you are helping me by replying on some other steemian's comment. Thank you! I really appreciate ^_-
As much as I would love to read all the comments and reply to everyone in just one seating but I already consumed half of my day doing it hehehe

So thank you for your help =)


Yeah, @purepinay, I get you! There are so many comments. You have a lot of support. I'm sure people understand when you don't pass by, since there are more than five hundred comments! But I'm also sure they appreciate it a lot when you take your time to reply to them.

It also means a lot to me the way you appreciate the community and keep an eye out all the time. It's great, keep up the good work!

And it's nothing, really, it's just my way of life. I like to help. =)


I agree with you @cryptosharon she is truly inspiring! @purepinay looks you had great time. I wish you and to all dear steemit community a joyful great and happy new year 2018.

To you too, my dear friend. I hope we all get rich on this. :)

I found many beauties on steemit!!! stay pretty❤️ followed 😆

Yeeees! I didn't know this community was so wide and welcoming. I thought it was all made of greedy gold-clawers but it's really just so nice. I'm in love with Steemit! It really motivates me to make better content for the community!

Thank you ^_- Happy New Year to you also!

now its on my bucketlist , magnificent resort in palawan👍

Upvote me, and lucky we have steemmmmm

Hey man nooo................

Happy new year

Happy new year guys

Happy New Year to you also

And to you! Have a very very happy new year!

Happy new year, @arunagiri28! I love your profile picture. It's so cute!

Happy New Year!

Steemit has had a great year and I wish for the same prosperity to continue for all its users into the future.

follow me!

Happy new year to you too!! I hope this new year brings joy into your homes and families.

Happy 2018 how are you @juliagilas? How did you celebrate the holiday by the way?

You right about it

First off - hi to Rob! I'm glad that you can now dream big! Yes, in the US people can become what they want with lots of hard work. It is great that you can help your family, I'm sure they appreciate it. That house you got was awesome. Looking forward to all your post and once again, thanks for all your support.

Can I get an upvote :-)

Hi Mark :)

Hope you had a great New Years. If you still have my email, hit me up if you ever plan on visiting or relocating to the Philippines.

Yes I have and will do. Thanks

How are you, Mark?

I hope you had a wonderful New Year. Thank you for your support also.

The house is massive, it didn't look and feel like am in the Philippines because it was chilly for me lol. I wonder how I will survive the snow when I visit USA. I might have to wear 10 coats lol

When is your plan to visit the Philippines? I hope to meet you in person.

Hi @purepinay... Wishing you and @rcarter a Happy and Prosperous New Year. The place looks great - This looks like a great place to visit and stay. Added to my list of to-do's next time I'm in Cebu!

Thanks for the recommendation!

Hello, Chris! How are you?

Thank you for the greetings, I hope you and your wifey had a wonderful holiday. ^_-

That's cool! You'll like that place am sure. When is your plan to visit Cebu?

Im good. Unsure when I will be visiting, but hopefully soon.

Amazing girl!
I'm so happy for you!
Rock n roll!!!
Miss you! can't catch up. ofw peg ko

you don't need the magic want
You are the "wand"


hi sis! I miss you!

still in the steemit forest?

aw! thank you sis, you're such a keeper! Thank you for always being here. by the way, what's your cousin's steemit username? the one that you sent to my page? I haven't noticed her for a while now. How is she doing?

Happy New Year, Love you!

miss u tooo, grabee tumbling ako sa kagubatan busy ang peg
madalian ang blogging tumbling den ang blog
walang edit edit lols
sis give up sila, waley nde na day 1 lang, she is earning alright (working)@alexiz
@smafey - wifi is difficult and busy mom but she is steeming now and then.

Happy new year!!! labyu moree.
I shared ur post on FB to encourage my family and friends
suko nako sa pag invite waaaa

Happy New Year Ate! Iloveyou . Thank you for introducing this platform to me and to my friend @micch.. Blessed you! Enjoy the rest of your months here in the philippines.

I'm so happy for you ate. I know you've been in tough situation in the past years but you are strong and invulnerable. You deserve the best gifts in life.

Love you Xoxo
Sis, @gerel

Happy New Year

If Steem keeps going up, you may be able to afford that place!

Yes, I agree steemit really helps me a lot in providing not only my needs but my family's needs.

Happy New Year To You Also ..
And I Love your COntent ..
Specially Images That You merge in Your Content..
Congrats For Your Best Hit in My Eyes ..

aw! thank you gorgeous!

How's everything going on with you?


Everything's great around here. Thanks for asking. My home is very warm and we have cooked a lot of Christmas treats. It's a very happy household. Thanks again for your concern, happy new year!

hi there, @cryptosharon! glad you drop by ^_-

That sounds really fun, what kind treat did you cook? I love to cook and to bake also =)

Am glad you had a joyful holiday. Happy to meet you here

<3 #purepinay

We cooked hallacas (yellow dough filled up with meat and vegetables), papaya sweets (really tasty fruit with added melted sugar loaf), pork haunch (a must have for december!), "black" cake (traditional Christmas cake with wine). I love this time of the year because we cook so much tasty stuff.

We baked so much stuff! There were friends who were going to spend the holiday alone so we just brought them all home and fed them. They all left happy and smiling, which is the essence of this time of the year.

Nice to meet you too, @purepinay. I'm sure we'll have a nice time together from now on!

And thank you very much for taking your time to answer my comments, it means a lot to me.

ohh that makes me hungry now, you're making me jealous

I think I am starting to like you, you're really good at communicating, that one talent that a lot of steemians should posses. I see my self in you when I was new here.

Where are you from? I might not see find your response right away, you know you can also reply on the first comment here, there's a lot of tricks to get noticed on steemit, and you are doing a great job!

keep it up!


Awww, if you came here I'm sure we could cook a lot of stuff to fill up that belly!

And am I really that good at communicating? That makes me a bit proud. Thank you for commenting on that!

I'm from Venezuela! It's a poor but lovely country north of South America.

Sadly I didn't understand the part about replying to the first comment. I hope you would explain this a bit. I'm still a bit unfamiliar with Steemit's interface.

And thanks! I hope I can learn from you to be more successful on Steemit. It's such a great opportunity that I found someone with similar tastes who is already successful so I can observe how it's done.

I will keep it up, so you keep it up too! I'd really love to see you stay successful on here, since you were my first inspiration.


happy new year @socialanne

happy newyear!

Happy New Year Around the World! :-)

Happy New Year to you also @travelbuddy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR @purepinay . Have a nice holiday in peace.

hopefully the year 2018 is more for you
Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hope this year on Steem just gets better!!

I hope the same.

Hey beautiful soul @purepinay although it's late but not too late. I enjoyed a lot to read the whole story. Pictures are amazing. 10/10 to the Camera man. This picture is full of beauty everywhere:

I wish you and your all the family members a very blessed Happy New Year. Thanks a lot for everything you gave us in 2017 from the power of your beautiful blogs. Looking forward for some new and exciting ideas in 2018. All the best for year 2018:


Happy New Year-2018


Hi, @jawad09 sorry for the late response, I thought I already wrote back. I am so overwhelmed with the number of Steemians on my page, you guys are amazing! You are always active on my page and I always say this, I appreciate your time and thank you for the support. I won't stop saying thank you.

Happy New Year and let's rock the 2018!

Yes you wrote me back for HNY. But these are very pleasant moment everyone is happy specially for the high pricing of steem. Every steemian is now rich (in his / her capacity). And I must say that people like you @purepinay and @surpassinggoogle are the main reason to spread love for humanity around the globe. Thanks for connecting with me I'm so blessed. All the very best!

Hello The beautiful Soul @purepinay

Hope so you had spent beautifully the passed year and i wish and pray to God for the more success and prosperity for u in 2018.

No doubt everyone has to make his or her effortto become Great in the life.
You are an ispiration to many and doing amazi g at steemit.

Keep writing and make us more motivated about the life.

Stay Blessed
Upvoted & Steem on ;-)

thank you always being here, I always see you active on my page, I cannot thank you enough for your support!

@purepinay am inspired by ypu, its just 18days for me on steemit, and i come across a happy young woman full of life.
As i recalled "you just want an opportunity to travel the world and own your time" i dont want any less that you are achieving this is a source of inspiration to me to keep working hard and makes me remember i can get there if i want to.
I shall follow you and o yes you got my tiny upvote, lol please manage it!!!

thank you for your support and the thoughtful message


Hello @purepinay (XOXO, Gilaine), good to see you in New Year. It seems that I'm seeing you after many many years, though our friendship here #Steemit is not very old. Maybe 20 days old but I have seen you, tried to understand you only through your posts and that was an amazing experience.

You are quite right. We need to pull up each other's hand and thus we'll all be successful

A very very Healthy, Warm & Blessing year ahead for you - that's what exactly I wish for you. May all your dreams come true and God gives you abundantly.

Hi My sweet friend, @purepinay.

first of all sorry for replying late on your this wonderful blog.because i am away from home. "I have always wish to be a Top and first Commentor on your post."

always love to visit your posts. i am already impressed from your efforting & supoorting personality and after reading your whole story of struggle, your objects, plans and wishes i am a big fan of you. I am hopeful and wish by heart that your all dreams come true.
your all the pictures are so cute and much attractive while celeberating new year with your boyfriend , hopefully you enjoyed much. "Say Hii to your boyfriend from me and told him that he is luckiest because he has cutest girlfriend. A "Dimple " on your cheek looks pretty much.

Steem is also a great gift for every one here on new year, so keep enjoying.

Stay blessed.


no worries my friend, I'm glad you always take your time to visit my page, I would love to always return the favor, sadly I can barely keep up with the comments here but I really I appreciate your time writing me this beautiful letter and you even help me reply with the to our dear steemians, a big thank you!

yes, we had wonderful a time together. Thank you, I'll let him know you sent a message.

How are you doing?

Hiii @purepinay,Thanks a lot.

your love filled reply and support. You asked that:

How are you doing?
I am now there in my office,,, you can see,


Happpy new year dear.i pray you have a wonderful year

"Have you ever get buzzed in middle of the day? =p"

I feel badly for those who haven't.

Красивая девушка.

wish you a very happy and prosperous new year dear...:)
you are beautyful specially when you posed out with you american boyfriend...:p
i just loved that picture shown below:

wish you a happy life ahead..,keep steeming keep growing....:)

Hey! You guys look so Amazing together.

nice pair and perfect love
keep go

Hi @purepinay, If you have great liking for acting, then why to give up on your dreams. I think you've already got some good reputation at Steemit and some really cool projects are running on this blockchain. I believe Steemit will grow speedily in this year. I have a suggestion for you regarding your acting skills...and that is why don't you do some creative pranks not via YouTube but through Dtube. Dtube is new and has almost zero competition on this side. How is this idea? I hope you bring your gift of acting to life and eventually, from here, you pursue what exactly you have always dreamed of.

Excellent post. Happy New Year. Giving it a shout out. May be some of my audience like to become your fans. I don't mind of they do because I'm already one. :D

Steem On!

hi there! Sorry for the late response... I think my message was posted somewhere. lol, I am so dizzy here haha I am so overwhelmed by all of you.

I feel like a Hollywood Celebrity lol. I watched some cool videos of Steemians on Dtube. I hope I can do all sort of stuff, I just have so many things to attend to right now but yes I love the idea. Thank you =)

Thank you for always being here. I am so honored.

How are things going on with you?

Happy New Year @purepinay! Steemit is also one of the best things that happened in my life and I can't wait for this wonderful community to grow. I hope I can meet you someday too.


Happy New Year to you my dear! Thank you so much for your support. I do hope to meet you someday.

Thank you for always being here


Lovely couples .Happy new year to both of you.stay happy and inlove :)and also congrats for your success .you deserve it!

thank you, @sandaraclark =)

how are you?

stay gorgeous! <3

Im here in doha for vacation.because my husband is ofw here..you too your so beautiful truly a pinay :)

Steem is mooning again! 2018 will be a huge year for Steem
I try to be like you and I will achieve
Have a happy holidays my dear friend @purepinay :)

I love the spirit! You can do it, we all can!

Glad to meet some amazing people on Steemit, thank you so much for being here always.

How's your holiday?


Dream Big!! YASS!!! ^^ Happy New Year Gil.. Stay pretty inside out.. and stay makulit.. hihi ^^ Anyway, are you coming sa meetup this Sunday? Hope to see you again... ^^

hey there my little tegoshei!

thanks to all of you my loving steemians!

oh, that's cool, I didn't know about the meet up thing. What time and where? I hope to join you guys, you know I love to make kulits with you all, lol that's my talent haha

Talk soon, good night dear


Mjan announced it on Facebook earlier today!^^ it'll be on Sunday at 2PM... The venue would be at Dolce cafe somewhere in Lahug... hihi... Hope to see you there!!

Yep... talk to you soon.. Nighty night! ^^

oh I didn't see it, not really socially active on fb, I use it mainly for photos but thank you for letting me know... I would love to join, it's near my place... hopefully, I finish all my online stuff will let you guys know ^_-

No worries... my pleasure Gil... ^^ I hipe you could... i missed some meetups and activities last year, so i made it my new years resolution to become more active... ^^

lets drink to that!!! bottles up!! what a wonderful couple..
and what a nice place to live..

steemit is a good opportunity to each steemians,

thanks for sharing @purepinay ,upvoted

The place is just so amazing. Now I am thinking where I should book my family in few weeks as we will be travelling to Siquijor.

Thank you, Gail!

That's sweet!
Check agoda, they have good deals =)

Beautiful and sexy. . I love your new year getaway! fun experience. thank you for sharing. . see you soon in Cebu.

Happy New Year, gorgeous! When will you be back? Don't forget our coffee date ^_-

Miss you!


How exciting! Your post is so very inspiring! Thank you, got a new follower outta me!

sweet! thank you for the support. Happy New Year ^_-

That's the spirit sis! With perseverance and faith, we'll all achieve our dreams at the perfect time. I love the idea of owning my own time but I also like it in the corporate world just because I love seeing the same people in the office everyday 😂 Happy New Year!

thank you, @enjieneer! ^_-

I love making new friends when I used to work for corporations, that was the only thing I liked and the good salaryof course but never the having my time tied up. =)

Glad you're enjoying it, hopefully, you'll have your own corporate someday, how nice it would be? ^_-

Hope you have a progressive year. Keep up the good work!


Congratulations on your success with this blog and in life. You have your whole future ahead of you and that future is bright. Many prayers and blessings into your 2018. Happy New Year.

Thank you for the lovely message, @gatorlynne.

How's everything going on with you? I hope everything is well.

Happy New Year <3

Thank you for replying! Pretty exciting for a newbie on Steemit like me. I am loving this platform so far and enjoy your real to life posts. A blessed life, indeed. Well deserved. Enjoy 2018!

This place is stunning, what country is it?

Agreed. I would also like to know!


aw! thank you for this, @leahlei. so sweet of you, appreciate the time to do the photo ^_-


You're most welcome! Stay beautiful inside and out @purepinay! ♥

wow ! excellent photo shot and awesome photo style.
HAPPY NEW YEAR @purepinay . I hope you have done a lot of good day in 2017 and the next new year all days will be a lot better.

thank you <3

Just woke up and saw this post, Wow the price is flying now!
2018 is gonna be huge for Steem..Hopefully steemit.

extraordinary and wonderful photo. loving to your photography. nicely smile moments in photo shot.
happy new year and that 2018 be full of prosperity and success greetings.
followed // upvoted

thank you for the awesome message!

Happy New year ^_-

And it’s only beginning!

Happy New year. This is going to be a great year for all steemians.

Thank you! Yes it is, it just gets better and better! =D

Happy New Year too you too! :D

nice to see u are still a simple person and sacrificed your living needs.. staying in such a small shack like that!! :P nice pics of u and 'B'. :) Tell him to post more often. and u can make ur own steemit movie later.. I'll buy an advance copy now.

Gil, pls share ur steemit techniques with me. are u on discord? I am chinito on there also. DM me or let me know how I can reach u. tanx,

hi, Ben! Sorry for the late response, I had been scrolling like forever on this comment section hoping I'll finish reading everyone's message but it's never ending, lol

"Steemit movie" that's another level haha Omg, am camera shy (?!)

I am no longer on any chat rooms, only here on Steemit and sometimes fb msgr but rarely, my fb msgr somehow is flooded, so I don't go there much but pm me again so your msg bounce to the top.

what? u mean this 'ok' post? i hadnt noticed how it has 1,000+ comments or more than a few upvotes. U know it did good when u gotta use ctrl+f just to find your comment! :P ok, i will try and mssge u again on FB..


yay sa cebu pala to.? that's really nice! cheers to a great year ahead!

yes, dear ^_- up on the mountain, it was so chilly (for me) lol

thank you! Happy New Year <3

You inspired me to go on a trip with my wife :)

It's my pleasure to know that I inspire you through my writings. How are things going on with you?

fantastic @purepinay. Happy new year :)

happy happy new year Gil.

Happy New Year to you also Mr. Bien! ^_- how are you?

sounds like Mr. Bean hahaha.. I'm doing great Gil thanks. and you? how's life?

Happy new year to you too and wishing you more success & prosperity in the coming months. Cheers

Aw, Thank you, dear!

Happy Steeming and more power to us all!

@purepinay, glad that you have a wonderful new year so far! stay pretty as always!

thank you, Phillip! ^_-

How's everything?

@purepinay Everything is doing good so far,thanks for your support. I start the year busy between family and steem. Looks like good fortune is on your side. Keep it up!

What a great, GREAT place to stay over in!
Also just love the photos you published here in general 😇

If you ever are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, leave me a message! Would love to have you as a model :) I think we could make something great together.👌📸


I would love to visit Amsterdam, it's on my bucket list. Thank you! I can tell you are good at photography, love the sunset photo you took.

Wowza! That AirBnB looks INCREDIBLE!

Congratulations! Perfectly written!

Happy new year! Could STEEM be $100+ by 2019?

Happy new year purepinay. Your story is so impressive and motivating. I joined steemit three days ago but now I feel anything is possible and I will also achieve my goals. I wish one day you go to Singapore and fulfill your dreams. Last summer I went to Singapore and It has been one of the best experience of my life.

I am at Marina Bay Sands.
Just followed you to not miss out on the interesting content coming from your side.

Hi, @suf1an! How are you?

We never stop dreaming, I hope for your and every Steemian's success here.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment and for the support.

Where are you from?

Hey, purepinay. I am good, How are you?
Yes, never stop dreaming and keep hustling.You have chances of victory until you are trying.
I am from Pakistan.I went to Singapore on Summer Program at National University of Singapore(NUS).
Where are you from?

@purepinay happy new year. You look gorgeous and your smile is no exception.

Happy New Year, especialy with price of steem going through roof :)

This post has been upvoted and Resteemed!

I enjoyed reading your post about your new year and new beginning in to 2018. I wish you the best and hope to see more of you this year.

Great!!!!I like this post