What 2017 has been for me!

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I started 2017 off with big expectations for my Internet company with a new partner and a plan to do 10X growth. It was a very ambitious plan but we were convinced that with hard work and detailed planning it was possible, inspired by a speech I heard from google the end of 2016 about the rapid growth at the Google company.

We hired a director for our company and started out the journey of 10x growth with a shoe string budget factoring in cash flow from new installs and the franchising fee we were going to charge.

In January we converted a large portion of our existing field techs into franchise partners that we would call Authorized distributors. We decided that this would allow for the rapid growth we were looking for and give customers a better attention.

In Febuary we started the merging with our newest partner and his preexisting network. It was a challenge that we continued to rebuild all of 2017 to bring network up to the quality standards that we had determined to be needed and had practiced long before the new partnership.

Around this same time my brother was promoting Bitcoin and a new coin he was creating called SuperiorCoin. We started talking quite a lot and I participated in software development and mining. Little did I know that crypto currency would 10x or more in 2017.

I purchased my first $500 of a fractional bitcoin in june at a price of $1990 and and used half of it on nicehash to mine superiorcoins on the testchain. To my suprise Bitcoin price kept going up and my $250 left over was soon to be worth $500 again. Like a golden goose this bitcoin thing just kept making more money.

On July 1st SuperiorCoin launched its official blockchain and ICO where they presold SuperiorCoin and it was a complete success. I mentioned before this date to my brother that I would love to quit my current position at my business’ and work with him. Little did I know that soon I would be full time with him.

I started to communicate with my partners that my desire was to leave the company’s as acting manager of several areas and planned Jan 1st 2018 to quit and start a new chapter of my Life. But on July 21st my Brother had a split with a partnership he has established, and on that day I started working with him full time.

We worked around the clock some times for 30-40 hours straight to try and form a new team and launch the SuperiorCoin products and services. It was a time of learning for me and I loved every minute of it. Over the next few months we managed to bring together the community and a the team with some previous and some new members and deliver on the promises of the ICO.

I learned so much and started communicating with every one I new about crypto currency, the benefits and future I could see in it. On localbitcoin I created ad’s and started providing a service of buy/sell Bitcoin in Honduras. Also made a facebook page and group were people in Honduras could start networking and learning about the crypto currencies. Purchased mining equipment for BitCoin and LiteCoin and started learning how to mine.

All of this led to going on live TV talking about the crypto currencies, meeting many people and making lots of new friends and acquaintances. My life had a major change as now I worked more from my home and my children and their mother’s also became interested in Bitcoin and the Cryptos.

I promised my children that if Bitcoin made it to $10,000 per coin, we would go to the USA for Christmas. In November Bitcoin crossed the $10,000 mark and kept going all the way to $20,000 the first of December. We began our preparations for traveling.

On Nov 26th Honduras had presidential elections and the country broke out in turmoil with building being burnt and looted, roads closed and the whole country shut down. It became increasingly dangerous place to be and even the airport was closed down. Our chances to leave were looking bleak. My family worried about us and asked us many times to get out of the country for our safety. Gas stations ran out of fuel, super markets ran out of food and we were basically prisoners in our house as the government removed the constitutional rights after 6PM to 6AM (curfew and basically martial law).

During this time people continued to contact me for Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies. My business partners bought, my friends bought even my mother had Bitcoin on her cellphone now. And we continued to work and make SuperiorCoin a complete success.

We finally were able to leave the country with all my children and come to my parents for the first Christmas since I was 17 years old. Presidencial elections were over and the president was declared reelected. Here in the USA we had an excellent Christmas with my parents and 8 out of 9 of my siblings, and 5 out of six of my children ( my youngest with her grandparents in Virginia and Nathan my brother in the Philippines).

The culture of the USA is quite different from Honduras for Christmas and New Year. A little duller and quieter, but I could not be more content to spend the last few hours of 2017 with the people I love most, my children and my parents. I miss many other close people to me and I know they miss me this year end also, but soon we will all be together again.

Here in the USA , I had the opportunity to buy Bitcoin from a ATM in Texas and open a bank account where I can buy and sell crypto currency directly to my bank account using CoinBase where then with a debit card I could make purchases any where in the world basically with Bitcoin and SuperiorCoin I had mined or previously purchased.

Against all odds SuperiorCoin was listed on 3 different exchanges in 2017, coins were made available to the ICO buyers, mining was a success and software was even forked for a upgrade to make it faster and more secure.

The Internet business continues to grow and many new towers were built, teams formed, many new authorized distributors were on-boarded in 2017. We purchased a few smaller companies and merged the networks.

AsiNetwork managed to double in size but not 10X. Bitcoin and the whole crypto space did 10X. It was so much fun and work to be part of the 10X and more growth in 2017. Crypto was not what I expected to 10X, but at the end of 2017 I am grateful to be part of something I wanted to see and be part of in 2017, the 10X growth of a company. It was not a company per-say but a movement. A movement that we will continue to see growth in and I am convinced will become the new monetary system sometime in the near future.

I would like to mention the sacrifices that my family suffered as part of my workaholic habits during this year. And hope and desire that 2018 we will have much more time to travel, play and spend time together as a family.

For 2018 I hope to continue to be part of a larger picture, the changes we are facing in the world with the massive adoption of crypto currencies. Plan to receive mining rigs and mine lots of SuperiorCoin , Bitcoin and others. Awaiting a new addition to my family with the birth of my daughter Zoe Samantha Senn in February. Hope to write more about the wonderful life I have had and the adventures it has encompassed. Continue to care for my Family and provide the best possible future for them possible. Hope that AsiNetwork with the directors, managers and team it has with the recipe for success, manages the 10X growth we hoped for in 2017.

Many thanks to my God, family, friends, partnerships, and employees at QIC , ASI and SuperiorCoin for the excellent year that 2017 was.

If you made it to the end of this very long blog entry, I hope you enjoyed it and it did not bore you. There is so much I would like to tell you, but that would be for a book and not a simply blog post.

Hope God Blesses you in 2018 and that you have a wonderful new Year.


2017 was a great challenge for us but we survived because of our resilience and dedication. I am thankful for being a part of a great team and awesome project. may God continue to bless us.

Yes @bojakcates a great team and great community with oustanding dedication!

It has been a hell of a ride and the journey has only just begun :)

Yes it has @sydesjokes , ready for it.

Courage, determination, honesty and grit makes Superior Coin what it has become.

2017 is now behind, a fresh new year has begun, new dreams, new adventures and a lot more learning.

To You, your patient family, friends and team good luck going into 2018 @mps01k

@joanstewart, we apreciate much your backing and support. People like you are what propels us forward.

Best of luck to you, your family and your business in 2018! You have purpose, drive and passion and thats 90% of what it takes.

Thanks. And a great team and community at SuperiorCoin

Nice post

Congrats! Wishing you the best of success in 2018 and the years to come. Enjoy!

Thanks, I am sure it will be.

wish your success in 2018

Thankyou. 2018 with the help of team and community will be best year ever.

Amazing set of circumstances to get to the place you are now, with your family!

Yes , so true. Had fun the whole time!! Thanks for your comment.

Indeed it needs a real dedication to succeed, I wish all the best in 2018

Thanks @bigssam , with the team and community we have SuperiorCoin or any other endeavors will be a success.

Sounds like you have had a great 2017, and allot of great things to come. Upvoted by ExploreTraveler Team.

Yes I did, glad to have support and work from people like you with SuperiorCoin.

Great work 👍

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