2017: big year--with bigger things ahead.

in newyear •  11 months ago

Well, this last stretch in the crypto and Steemit world brought 2017 to a very nice and rather exciting end, wouldn't you say? I am looking very forward to 2018, and feel very much a sense of possibility in so many areas.

2017 was a big year--full, exhausting, hopeful, tragic, innovative, disappointing, uplifting, confusing. Everything. Everything, everything, on repeat.

A quiet winter. EP releases. San Diego. LA. Seattle. Work trips. New people. Health diagnoses. Weddings. Heartbreak. Heart hope. A move to a new place. A full-length album. Big future plans. Business planning. Many books read; many songs written. Colorado. A wonderful new poetry mentor. Some exhausting friendships. A close friend moving to India. New incredible friends. Rosé. Bach. My first fur coat. A proper book shelf. STEEMIT.

Guys: it's been a good year. Very full, very challenging, but good.

Many happy returns! I have a treat for you tomorrow - hoped to post tonight but I need to go celebrate 2017/18 with my friends!


Happy new year! Wishing you all every good thing there is to wish for someone.


Your support means a lot to me. Thanks for following @kayclarity and resteeming my posts if you enjoy posts about beauty, art, culture, life, Steemit, and, of course, my original music and poems. xx

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Happy New Year Kay, wishing you a great year ahead...
How about you use the tag #ocd-resteem on this post... @ocd is doing resteems during the break...


Thank you, and you as well! Sure - I'll try that out! thanks :)


hey - that really helped me on that post! Thanks so much! :)


I give you my humble 14 cents as a thank you :)


YW, an author gets selected to be resteemed once a month :) sometimes the tag gets u more visibility!


That's awesome! I'm grateful! haha good to know about the once a month - I did it again on my next post haha.


Good to see you back and active :) Many people often re-use the tag to gain more visibility and they certainly are free to do so, but the rule is resteem only once a month to give more authors the chance and rewards! Cheers and good day Kay...

@nickibanjlady is wishing you happy new year dear


A big happy new year to YOU as well! I hope it's very rewarding, full, and joyful for you! xx, Kay

There is a beautiful photography quite natural picture


Thank you! It was a very peaceful evening when I stopped to take this. Glad you liked it :) xx, Kay

Happy New Year!


Hey! You too! All the best in the coming year! :)

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Wishing you Happy New Year with heaps of achievement@kayclarity

Upvoted and resteemed


You too! All the best and happy new year! xx, Kay

Happy New Year!! 2017 was a good year and 2019 will be even better!


Happy new year, new friend :). 2018 will also be good between now and then ;).