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Hi steemit community, it's a new thing coming. I like to inform you that we (I and one of my developer friend) are trying to develop a new token with steem engine that can be used and mines for various purposes. We like to call it FIGHTER CLUB TOKEN (Fc) that will take place soon in steem engine platform (as one of the phases).


The FIGHTER CLUB TOKEN (Fc) is for the game lovers and also for the freelancer who wants to earn some extra money or those who wants to build his/her career by being a freelancer. You can easily trade it with Steem engine. And you also can stake it for the long term use as the many things will come like a chain work.


The chain that will add

We are planning to add two more branches with the main root to build the token more effective and worthy. Most of the token can be seen in steem engine platform is just for trade purposes and just lose their flow to attract the users. And they disappeared. So we think we could run in a long race as we target. We think to build two more platforms to make the token worthy.

  • The Fighter club game on web and android
  • A web platform for the freelancer and also for the client
  • The Fighter club game on the web and android

    can you guys remember the Street fighter game that most of us played in our childhood? The exciting game is now too old and gets boring also. But if we combine street fighter and Splinterland game then? What it will be? The game will be played with one to one(fighter) and cards will be powerful by combining some same cards as the splinterland does. There will be a trading option and also quest like splinterland and the pointing and mining coin procedure will be the same as the splinterland does.


    Choosing a player and dressing option and also the weapon choice option will be there. And anyone can manage to decorate their card before the battle as the street fighter does.

    The game will be on the web and also on the android platform. The mining token and selling option will be the same as splinterland. Will be an exciting one huh???

    The Freelancer club

    A platform where anyone can find jobs with their skills. Many of us here are freelancers. Graphics designer, web designer, developer. And many of us may need to do some works. So it will be an interesting project. As it goes well and we will focus to bring clients from outside and make it big. Some famous sites are too much costly for the clients and also for the freelancer that takes up to 20% charge for transactions. But we will keep it out of charge. We will focus on dealing with our token. And that's it.

    Clients will interested and the freelancer will be happy. We are happy.


    The entire project can not be done as the primary stage. So we will do it with some phase.

  • Primary
  • This phase is just for token creation and the marketing phase. The token will be on steem engine and it will be tradeable. Anyone can stake all those tokens and could wait for the next phase when the game will be on. It will take approximately 45 days. We will find out the shortest way.
  • The Gaming Phase
  • After Primary Phase it will be 45 days more to bring the game live. This phase will be exciting with the game.

  • The freelancer club Phase
  • The phase will open a new way to get the freelancing affordable. We need 45 more days to develop all those things.

    And the phase will be gon on with the time.


    Seems to be a platform for game communication
    Looking forward to its launch

    how can i stake my tokens?

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