I guess we all have our own idea of funny ...

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now we hope for consistency ofcourse



just like with muslim terrorism being up to the true muslims to fix

i think this is up to the true Polish to castrate before

overhere they say : "if you hang around the dog too much you'll catch the fleas" i dont know how that translates ... but it states the obvious


i think ive seen plenty again : a few 2bit trolls attack and instead of ganging up to go Gandalf on their ass shitpants pamperland starts selling off

you are a pack of douchebags ... whats the deal with you people and conflict, why cant you handle that ?

To whom are you talking? It is fine with you one person breaks many their me is just because he can no longer run his bid bot?

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That is and interesting way of being funny. See your wallet. 💕

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