Twitter Meme Blast Upvote Contest!

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I recently ran a #NewSteem Meme contest:

Now let's use the memes to market Steem!

@OCD & I will be giving upvotes to people who tweet out any of the memes from the contest, find memes to post on Twitter here:

Your tweet must include both the hashtags #NEWSTEEM & #STEEM - with a New Steem meme to be eligible for an upvote.

Post your Proof of Work below to receive upvotes, cheers!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks for running this promotion quest
Here is my entry

Here is my tweet:

Thank you so much for the offer!


Hello sir @theycallmedan its my entry on twitter meme tweet link


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I am proud to say that I joined this contest & I am using my own meme to participate in this contest.

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Thanks for creating this type of contest which will help steem to get new members.
Here my post on Twitter.

Please only one post per person, thank you.

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Thanks for create a good contest

So you are promoting SPAM!

This is a violation of TOS of SteemIt.

Plus you are a hypocrite you just downvoted my original Meme for Meme Challenge!

Sue me.
@ocdb handles my DVs, but it was likely due to buying votes. If you have any concerns, please reach out to their discord.