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RE: Explanations to our downvotes and the need of them for a better Steem

in #newsteemlast year

Meanwhile while you are all arguing back and forth about old vs new the new crisis rising is unfolding under all the distraction. The very fact that APPICS is being allowed to bring what will be untold numbers of people onto the platform and post a picture and be rewarded way more than some making a few cents off a paid upvote is alarming. The amounts of upvote circle jerking each other and amounts earned for little effort keeps rising everyday. The rest of us would be slapped silly using such tactics. You need to stop arguing and take a serious look at the soldier account.


Alarming only to you apparently. And you need to take something for that Soldier fetish of yours.

Oh it was alarming to others alright. I waiting to hear back from them. You need not waste any time looking for them on here.

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