(Hopefully) Whales also read our posts and provides curation

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(Hopefully) Whales also read our posts and provides curation

Every Steemian want to get curation from whales.Whale will curate if he sees a post that looks like a meal at a restaurant. Attractive appearance and taste or content that is nutritious and has a good impact.

Hi Steemian how are you? I hope you are healthy and creative to work.
Every content creator requires whale services. When we make a work then post it, we hope it will be curated by whale. This hope is certainly not an impossible thing. Staying open chance is likely to occur in our posts.

Did Whale read our post?

With Hf 21/22 the curators who had used the services of metamorphosed bots became curated manually. We never know for certain when whale curates. Do they do it randomly? Did they read first? If you read whether they read in detail? These questions certainly can only be answered by Whale himself.
For some STeemians there must be two groups.
The first group is the one who responds to whales reading posts,
While the second group is a group that does not believe that whale had time to read a commentary. This group sees that whale does not need to read a post.
From the two groups I believe that Whale still reads a post. Of course that does not mean like school children read a book when they want to test In my mind, when whale was about to curate at least the steps they did such as:

1. Select a post
A post will be seen by whale of course must meet their requirements or even tastes. We don't know where whale knows of a post to be curated. It could be that they open a feed or allow it, for example within 24 hours. In my opinion they will see a post from:

  • Interesting title.
    this means Steemian has to make a title that makes people or whale interested in reading. titles that can arouse whale's passion to see the contents of posts. Choosing the right diction can make a reader want to open posts and read further.

  • Interesting illustrations
    Illustration is a storefront of a post. From the illustrations that make the eyes want to see longer and then read the contents of the post. it's a kind of garnish on a restaurant serving. When you see a good picture, you might want to know what it is.

2. Read the summary of the post
Certainly very excessive if Steemian hopes that whale will read in full from every interesting post. If the author makes a summary at the beginning of the paragraph of course this makes it easier for whale to find out the contents of the reading.
Summary will make it easier for readers to know the contents of the post. It's like reading a novel from the backyard. Without full reading we have a picture of the story. Likewise in our post. Readers will have a rough idea of the contents of the post, although not read in depth.

3. Rate it
After reading the whale will give an appraisal of a post to get curation. If the whale feels happy and is considered useful and builds a better community they will provide a large curation. for content creators of course this is very desirable because it can add economic value.
Still in my opinion, every whale will not want to eliminate the time and amount of money for useless things. What they do is of course with good intentions to help other Steemians and communities in Steem to grow properly. From this assumption I am of the opinion that we must remain active in posting and continue to hope that luck will come one day.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.