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When I joined steemit back in 2018, as a young steemian, I visited the profiles of some successful people on steemit. I also spent time reading contents that provided tips for newbies like myself and how they could be very successful on the blockchain. I picked up some useful tips and some pretty bad ones too. The one I will talk about today is a bad one unfortunately. Someone back then wrote that "if you must be successful on steemit, you should develop the habit of writing a post everyday."

This is not a bad tip in itself but considering that this means develop good quality content everyday can be much more of a challenge than it looks. Considering the fact that, there are some days that one gets up and is not inspired or motivated to write anything at all. Going by this rule and maintaining your set standards of developing quality content can be very difficult. This is why I say this tip can be a bad one in some way when adopted by some people and believe me has led to some steemians creating absolute rubbish as content all in the name of creating a post every day.

You find people creating posts of five lines, an image and a few words etc and you ask why? Most of them have this drive to create a post every day and quality is something far from their minds and all they want to do is create that post. It doesn't have to be this way. I used to be like this too in my first years but right now, I am not the one post a day kind of person. I rather go days without a post when I don't feel like making one, or not inspired to write anything than create rubbish that has no value or adds no value to the blockchain. That is why I like the newsteem project because it is really focusing on improving and supporting the quality of contents on the steem blockchain which is a good thing.

What many fail to understand is once your human followers realize that your content are not worth their time, they'll leave and at the end you might just end up with bots as followers. I ask myself this simple question, why make a content of few lines everyday if you earn almost nothing from them? And the simple answer is, most people who do it belong to communities or curation trails that vote on their content once or twice every day and does not take into account the kind of content they vote on. So, these people go ahead to create such contents just to get these votes.

I must also say, people on the blockchain should stop telling people that they must post every day to be successful on steemit and to easily grow. That is not entirely true and instead, it is a good habit that should be encouraged but should never be mandatory.


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