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RE: Explanations to our downvotes and the need of them for a better Steem

in #newsteemlast year

Unfortunately the more posts I see trying to justify something that is supposed to be great the more I get the feeling that it isn't working. When something is working it doesn't need any justification, it speaks for itself.


What a load of wank.

Right, because things worked soooooo perfectly before all this.

Yes, no reasonable answers, probably there aren't any, activity is way down to what it was just at the beginning of this year according to penguinpablo, of course his data could be wrong.

Eh, not entirely true. Sometimes ideas and concepts and their functions are more complex than what they seem on a surface level. Hence the need for explanations.

Yes you are right, but constant explanations, from the same people? I think something is not going right.

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