It's only scary as long as all minnows try to hide :) When you show up together, there's nothing they can do!

And now you make me wonder @pharesim.. do you know trusted downvote curation trail that I can follow? Darn it.. I just checked on @curangel.. the downvotes were crazy!

We attract a lot of heat, yes. I wouldn't recommend small users to join our trail for now, as it's only a few users on there and we target a lot of people who retaliate, and they might go after you to scare you off.
Have a look at @howo maybe, he's involved with older trails that have quite a few followers already. You want to find something where you practically disappear in the group.

Dissapear in a group 😃😂 that's really my style. But I will wait for a little longer to grow up better and became a quite tough minnow to join forces😊 for now, I'd better join a curation trail to counter the dowmvotes first.

@steemflagrewards has a flag trail with healing function.

Our trail does not counter downvotes Rshare for Rshare. It just brings stuff into visibility.

Thanks for your information 😉 I joined the curangel trail, I don't want to be a silent minnow anymore. I hope it will help newsteem

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