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Put your money where your mouth is

At least that's what some people say when someone is very loud and vocal about a topic when there's nothing at stake. It's easy to be supportive or positive about something when you are not risking anything.

Wether it is time, effort, knowledge, money or creativity, everyone on steem has something at stake. The price of the coin affects us all and, at least I like to think that way, we all care about our platform's health and community's overall behaviour.

I'm loving the New Steem, I'll tell you why in just a few bullet points

  • Bid bots are beginning to do manual curation
  • People who used to delegate to bots, removed their delegation and are curating again
  • High quality authors who once left are coming back to Steem now that the economic model encourages content discovery and manual curation (although I hope curators also remember who stayed during the dry season).
    *High quality content creators are being rewarded while spammers/low quality authors are not enjoying themselves under the new curation system.
  • More people are buying Steem because now, holding and powering up Steem actually represents a good return of investment.
  • We can flag now without stop earning money in the process. Whales are now actively downvoting content they dont' agree with reward wise.

For that - and some other reasons - I decided to buy 20k Steem!

For some whales out there it might not be much, but for me it means growing the Steem I own in 40% , from 50k to 70k! I'm really happy and I expect so much from this #NewSteem that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.


It doesn't matter how much Steem you buy and power up, as long as you do it! Let's make Steem moon, the only way we can achieve that, is doing it together!


greetings, @anomadsoul

Excelent idea, man!!!

Nice one. The last time I made a major purchase of Steem was exactly the same amount, at like $2.50 lol.

I bought at all half dollar prices starting from $6. Lol. Not proud about it. But now bought about 40K. Will see ;)

It's a good time, maybe. I'm too overexposed already so I'mma chill lol 😂

You are overexposed because you started early:) That aside people in your community loves you though as you are very supportive. Especially steem over there is considered a big deal, and much of a social experiment. Here in US, where it’s born, even in its hometown of Austin,TX nobody knows what steem is!

Bizarre! The main thing is people don't understand this complex modus operandi of steem. They soon give up.

Ouch, though I bought some at $3.85. It still makes me shudder.

That’s a lot of STEEM. I respect the hustle. I think I might buy some myself today. 😤

You definitely should! This price won't last that long, #newsteem is full force and I'm betting a continuous uptrend still begin soon.

Really hope so, STEEM price is still down for two weeks since the HF.

anomadsoul , estimado te cuento que aun no entiendo mucho steem y como se relacionan las compras con las publicaciones de "buen contenido".Soy artista y quiero ganar y que ganemos todos ,hasta a veces imagino que esta plataforma podría ser menos humana , me gusta esa idea, que los usuarios sean quienes son simplemente y nos alejáramos de lo humano,bueno pero volviendo a las compras atractiva la frase de poner mi dinero donde este mi boca y tener 20k Steem y no se ni lo que es ¡¡¡
saludos de un principiante

It’s refreshing to see people that are so positive about the new path of Steem.

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Woo that's sweet! I just bought 59.552 Steem and then came across your post lol. I am not yet in your league but I'm still swimming :) You are an inspiration to all!

We're both in the same league, the league of confident early adoption Steemians who know Steem is meant to moon sooner or later! No matter how much or how frequently, the key is to keep buying 💪

.. thank you for the highmotivated and at the same time highmotivating post..step by step I m understanding more and more, your post helped me also..will try to put my little money together and buy steem as well...thank you again!..up..follow you..steem on!..

Wow that's huge compared to the stake I own, at least it'll allow you shake some tables, congratulations buddy.

It's not about comparing man! My stake is nothing compared to other people. The important part is the mindset with which we interact on Steem and we both are on the right track 💪

Exactly, no comparisons lol, keep building

Good points with the New Steem, I can see that too :) And congrats on the purchase, on your way to a whale ;) All the best to Mexico, mi segundo hogar! :)

This is a fine move from your end, putting your money where your mouth is. This is exactly the altitude we need in this era of Newsteem. Cheers to the great future of Steem.

Niiice, 20k! I'm buying regularly myself, too :D

Yeah man I've noticed! That Finnish working life is paying off :P
Good to hear from you amigo

Great grab! I have to keep up my accumulation as it has stalled a bit as I FOMO'd into some Splinterlands cards I really wanted. Almost done on that side so working on my 25K goal for this year!

Remember I have those alpha packs there in case you want them hahaha. Nice man, 25k goal is very solid and will definitely mean a lot once steem moons 💪💪

Oh wow that's pretty impressive!

Let's make it more impressive by communally buying even more steem 💪

Nice! I like too manual curation👍

Grüße aus Deutschland
// 1,2,3, gute Laune //
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

So you let the downvoting do by whales? They need to do the job? How about you?

I think if we are all a part of Steem we should all invest in this platform and take the risk to be yelled at.

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The downvote by minnows and dolphins has always happened and I do it quite frequently myself, but it's the whales that can actually make a difference towards giant wrongdoers ;)

Which is exactly why I see whales downvoting as something very positive, because it was rare to see it happening as it costed them money to flag people.

I understand but not all whales write great content so who will dare to downvote them?

Thanks for explaining👍💕

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I'm almost at 20k, around 2.5% to go.

Bots to curation initiatives, that is so very #newsteem :)

That's one of the biggest changes I've seen around here and damn, it's probably the greatest thing that's happened to steem in the past two years :D

20k! Wow! Well, u certainky get a Nice return.

Wow! Glad to see great people like you making solid commitments. Moves like this help build confidence and encourages others! 😘

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Sounds about right! Let's keep building confidence among other steemians!


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~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thanks for the huge vote!

Estas inversiones obviamente generan más confianza. Buen momento, saludos.

You got a nice price there, hopefully it's not like buying old clothes with a cheaper price but a great discount that will be sold for more later

I don't think we'll see this price for much longer, anyone looking to buy should do it soon :)

Great move towards your ultimate dream friend

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yep, there is a counter-intuitive process that happens when you start drying up liquidity, and Steem has a lot of liquidity for this point in time. You'd think that more people powering up would cause everyone's upvote strength to diminish, but the drop in liquidity (if there's a demand) causes a rise in prices, which in turn bumps everyone's upvote value higher than before, despite the pool of steem power being larger. Right there with you, if there ever was a time for people to buy cheap steem, its now or never.

Wow!! That’s impressive
Congratulations 😊

I had serious doubts and started to power down but fuck it, I'll cancel it and just curate with my 1k sp

That's great news dude. I'm happy to see stuff like this happening. Steemit definitely is more interesting after the HF. I hope it can continue!

awesome man!:))

Im here whether during every season, would be lost without Steemit :)

Whhhoooah. I thought i was going for it buying 800 today lol. Xx

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Yes, that's true that bidbods (or maybe only promotion bots) started manual curation. But what's not good is the occurrence of downvote bots.
btw: I bought a small amount of Steem, also.

how did you put them on the chain?? I am waiting for Binance to transfer them because it seems to me that blocktrades takes quite a cut

Congrats!! That's super exciting. I'm feeling really excited by some of the changes in #NewSteem too.


That's real commitment, nice work man! :^)


I hold Steem too after HF21

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Yeah that's the way to look at it! Holding til moon

High quality authors who once left are coming back to Steem

This is what I want, but are they? I would like to see some of the smaller stakeholders, get some of these big votes. I'm personally doing OK under #newsteem but to encourage growth, the little guys need more love.

shiiiiiet bro! Good job there! 70k is a lot, maybe not to whales but it is. New steem is really exciting and I'm thinking about buying again this month. I'll see after all the calculations.

Have fun!

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Brought myself up to 35k, expecting another 10k! I can't help it! the hype is real for me!

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All my SP to date is earned; not bought.
You’re right @anomadsoul, it’s time to buy $STEEEM for fiat.

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I'm around half earned, half bought. Once you decide you really want to have more influence in the platform, post rewards can only take you so far. Good to see you share the vision, let's buy some steem!

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