Welcome to Newsteem: First SPS proposal starts paying out

in newsteem •  18 days ago 

You can see the first payment going out to @inertia. He's going to do some documentation. He's unlikely to get the full funding as there's a daily max spend on the outgoing funds. That'll probably have to be looked into more over time.

So, like most starting things it's probably not the perfect implementation, but I'm really stoked to see this. Good job @blocktrades, witnesses, steemit, and community.

Are you still out there complaining about HF21/22? Seems pretty sweet to me.

Steem is Strong!

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My keychain addon is not working to support proposals on steampeak.
Every other transaction works just fine. Do you have an idea what this could be?

Very cool. A most worthwhile project. I've setup a regular small percentage of earnings donation to the @steem.dao. I hope others consider doing this too.

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Is anyone working on an interface where you can see, in a neat, tidy table - the payouts granted and who has got them?

It will be a nice visual auditing tool for the community instead of having to look through blockchain logs (aware of the fact that the software will have to do that).

@asgarth @jarvie Steempeak has already a pretty good proposals page and those might be features they could also implement.

This week require some works but I agree it will be a cool addition. Not sure if it's better to store those payout offchain or just filter the account activities on the fly

Yes, this is exciting news!

i always believe in your works and Matt's too.
Thank you for making this possible.

Nice to see how #newsteem working out , Congrats to @inertia .

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@aggroed, It will continued as Strong. Times really changed and let's hope that soon results will also change for the greater good.

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NEW STTTEEEEEMMMMM... never get the negativity. Maybe Im just a Pollyanna.. lol. Xx

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Nice to see more update daily as we all strive to get a stable and balance system smile

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cool! I surprised he managed to jump up in the rankings, but I'm happy he did! Looking forward to seeing this system get ironed out & improved :^)


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