Support post #1 for the Accusta Project a service with Statistic of Steem Accounts.

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What is Accusta?

Accusta is an account statistics service for the Steem Blockchain which was created and developed by @semasping. (Also for VIZ Blockchain and Golos Blockchain).
Are you interested how much did you earn on Steemit or other platforms?
Are you interested how much Author's, Curator's, Benefactor's or Witness's rewards did you get?
All this information you will get grouped by months with charts.
Now more...

What features are available in the Accusta system?

All author rewards with charts by month
All curator rewards with charts by month
All witnesses rewards with charts by month
All benefactor rewards with charts by month

All wallet transaction with filters

How to support Accusta?

Why this post?

Accusta provides free features to all users, but our servers are not free! We should pay for that servers to keep Accusta stable and reliable to all projects and communities.
With your great upvotes and donations, we are able to stay free for another month.
@accusta will publish posts like this, to earn some rewards and cover a little part of the server costs.
Thanks for your great support:)

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All rewards from this post goes to the Accusta's server costs.


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