Maybe they didn't have enough crackers for the deer :P

This is ludicrous. No animal would deliver a pizza...

Never mind.

Poor guy. Instead of delivering to fat men, he's going back to delivering a fat man.

haha.... oh well, back to plan D - Drone.

So much for 30 or free lol

Maybe the cancellation had something to do with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe regarding Pizzagate. Ugh, disturbing.

Hmm. Try chicken instead? =P

Looks a bit fake, the chicken is running in air. ;)

Every day I see something strange on the internet ;)

I've unvoted my own post. It's just a link, bots! A bit overvalued.

This is completely outstanding.

I am so glad what a silly idea to cause the animals stress, also thanks for the support upvoted you back.

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