Pakistan is going to be the fifth largest nuclear power in the world

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Powerful countries are desperate to spread their tensions around the world to strengthen their military base. Pakistan is going to be the fifth largest nuclear power in the world within the next 6-7 years.

At the end of the study, 501 organizations of the United States federation of American scientists (FAS) According to their report, the international media on Wednesday reported it.
It is known that the country now has nuclear weapons 140-150. If their nuclear development activities continue at the current pace, by 2025, the number of these weapons will be 220 to 250.

FSS scientists Hans M Christensen, Robert S. Norrison and Julia Diamonds said in the report titled "Pakistan Nuclear Forces 2018", "We estimate, if the current speed progresses, Pakistan's nuclear weapons reserves will be between 220 and 250 by 2025." Pakistan will become the fifth largest nuclear power in the world in 2025. '

It has been said in the report that in the last few decades, US monitoring of Pakistan's nuclear safety has become a cause for concern. With the increase in uranium capacity, including four plutonium production reactors, the country's reserves will increase in the next ten years.

The FAS report also said that the data of atomic energy was collected by analyzing commercial satellite images of the country's military and air forces bases.

It is to be noted that, in 1999, the United States military intelligence agency said that the country had 60-80 nuclear weapons in 2020 with the number of Pakistani nuclear weapons. But the number of current nuclear weapons in Pakistan has increased from 140 to 150 in them

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nah no benefit until nawaz shareef and zardari alive these kind of all politician need to vanish in this world !

Bah what does it matter we are already in a state of mutual ensured destruction.

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