Conflicts in Britain and French Clashes

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Clashes took place between British and French fishermen boat catching a special type of 'Scalp'. Local clashes lasted from midnight on Tuesday and lasted until Wednesday.

The incident occurred in the English Channel near the Frenchman Narmandy. During this time, targeting fishermen and bottles of bombs, rockets, fishermen and fishermen from both sides.
It is known that the situation goes so bad that the two countries are going to get navy. On Wednesday, during a visit to Nigeria on Wednesday afternoon, British Prime Minister Teresa hoped to solve the problem quickly and said that the two countries will sit in the discussion.
In fact, the French deadline for holding Scallops on the coast of Narmandy is from 1 October to 15 May. But Britain has no such deadlines. They can catch fish at any time.

British fishermen complained, on Tuesday night, in the Narmand area where they were taking scalp, surrounded their boats, bombing them and firing the French boats.

According to the British government's official statement, their fishermen did not violate the law.

Where the fish for them is set in the English channel, there they are holding Scalp. The head of the Department of Fisheries Department of Democratic Judicial Dmitry Rogoff, British fishermen can scalp or fish at any time.
The French have a specific time. The British should have waited until October 1. That's why French fishermen were blocking boats from British fishermen.

France's Regional Sea Area's administrative officer Ingrid Parrot said that on Tuesday, five British fishermen boarded boats, boats of 35 French fishermen. His guess is that, if the British fishermen get scalp mussels, the rift is big if the French do not get it.

British fisherman Cordell also favored the failure of catching fish, with the tone of parrot tunes. He also said that, although there is no written agreement, according to the mutual understanding, small British boats first took up most of the fish and mussels. Then big French boats enter. But because of not getting fish, the French fishermen became annoyed.

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