Weak Work By Police In Swat Security!

in #newsdaily2 years ago
SWAT Police have arrested four members of the jirga, including an uncle, in a case of rape of a young girl in Shah Dheerai area of ​​Swat. Eleven months ago, a young girl was accused of rescuing a young girl at the tip of her arms.

The girl was married for taking Rs 4 lakh from young Zahra Shah. The young man applied for maternity after four months.


The original suspect has been known to flee abroad. DSP Investigation Officer Zaman while giving a media briefing said that eleven months ago, the accused accused Abdul Rahman allegedly abused the girl at the tip of the arms with masmah (SH), when the girl became hopeful

Another young girl, Hazrat Khan and jirga members Amir Rehman, Bacha Amin and Amanuddin, took Zahir Shah for four lakh rupees and married her. After four months of marriage, she gave birth to Zahir Shah.

Police have arrested the jirga members and sent a DNA test of the girl, Zahir Shah and the child while proceedings are underway to arrest Abdul Rahman. The accused has also recovered Rs 4 lakh.

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