After 44 years .. President of the group murderer Sadat recognizes his achievements in the October war

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After 44 years .. President of the group murderer Sadat recognizes his achievements in the October war

Forty-four years after the anniversary of the victory of October, Osama Hafez, chairman of the Shura Council of the Islamic Group - who assassinated Anwar Sadat - recognized the achievements of the late President Anwar Sadat, considering that the victory of October is the greatest achievement of Egypt.

"On these days more than forty years ago, the university was undergoing revolution and frustration," Hafez said in a speech on his social networking site "Facebook", details of the days of the October victory. .. We were lost confidence in everything after that defeat - the setback - the one that did not notify one of the mind .. Drumming and gangs of our armies until we believe .. And drowned us in dreams pink and safe and waited for the hopes of young news of our armies triumphant to re-awaken the songs of victory and victory .. If it Folla returns from an abject crisis that carries the wreckage of a false dream and shattered hope.

He added: "We were in these days live rejection of everything .. And the rebellion on everything .. And the denial of every statement is said .. We had only one demand to cheer him in our demonstrations .. And shocked by all those who speak .. War War .. We did not accept What was said about the year of decisiveness or the year of fog and we saw more deception and lies after we saw all that we were saying just lies and disobedience. "

He continued: "The enemy planes were in the skies of the country .. We see over Abu Zaabal and the Sea of ​​cows and Mongkad and Nag Hammadi hit the cruelty of children and workers and young people, while the absence of the work of our brave soldiers on the land of Sinai amid the hustle of Israeli propaganda and the air force of the mighty and we believe them was not before us to believe others. Our press increased our revolution and frustration and despair of every success as it speaks of the impossibility of achieving victory in the face of a fierce enemy and obstacles and severe obstacles .. Barlev line and the Suez Canal and advanced air, I was among the youth of the university hang Wall magazines and we meet to discuss and talk and get out in our demonstrations and hit the police, It is not mat "This is not just a war, but this war means more than a restoration of dignity, land and display, and the removal of years of humiliation and humiliation, just a young man like thousands of young people who have the love of this country and the enthusiasm of young people and their rebellion against this painful situation."

"Then it was October 6, which started as calm as the rest of the previous days. His horizon was not carrying any warning. The newspapers speak as usual in art, sports, politics and literature. Radio and television share them and find them away from the history of war, He is preoccupied with his condition and does not care for anything.

At the second hour people were tired of fasting and began to shelter to their homes broadcast the first statement .. Heard heard and did not pay attention to the majority and expected - we heard - to be one of those operations, which was announced from one to another to remind people of war and raise their moral spirit .. But The statements came and we all realized that it was war ... and that today we are on a date with the elimination of the consequences of defeat - setback. "

"We do not know what we felt, we started unverified after the experience of the bustling statements of 1967, the lies of falling air and the triumphant armies, but the audio media this time gave up the hustle and bustle of the previous era and left those thunderous songs like" From the Red Sea to the Revolutionary Gulf " , And like the Lbek O Araba flag "and other songs of the battles of the defeat of the bustling and moved to a quiet, honest, assertive and honest speech did not exaggerate the claim of victory, although this time a real victory, and did not inspire people that he was on the outskirts of Tel Aviv and that he dropped the Israeli and American aviation, but songs and songs Quiet rice Such as "take off the weapon," "check Shailin in our arms", "what do you think of our Egyptian" and "like them".

The chairman of the Shura Council of the Islamic Group said: "From the shock of the first event, we began to feel the joy and joy we have missed for years. We are looking for what we can do and what we can do to support the soldiers in the battle, hospitals, blood donation, talk and speeches. And then we opened schools and forums to train young people in what he called the People's Defense and we went to him and we hope that we go to be a reaction to our army Almkvr in the war, but in our war, which we waited for a long time, and this was not our feelings we are young alone and we are the most enthusiastic, but everyone was walking in his ways carrying The radio in his hand to follow the news and look what can N works .. Can you believe that the security services did not record the case of theft or bullying throughout the war .. Even thieves no longer theft in these days, the participation of them in the war.

He continued: "The battle ended how it ended .. And the negotiations went and the fruits of how they went and passed after years and years, but that ecstasy and joy is still alive in the hearts of our generation fresh as if yesterday, and some tried to steal victory and attributed to this or that .. And others tried to betray the blood of the martyrs and the sweat of the living. But these attempts, although they occupied the elites that did not fight and did not feel the bitterness of defeat or the joy of victory .. But did not succeed in depriving every soldier who participated in this battle and all A young man lived his days to regain enjoyment of the sweetness of those days and that victory and recover It was a mature fruit of great effort, great sweat and sincere faith. The battle has produced a spirit ... what we need, sincere faith, high spirit and spirit. Jumping. "

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