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Nothing … the Commonwealth Attorney sat on it. The Charlottesville Police sat on it. The media refused to report on it after gleefully showing the out of context video.

Meanwhile, DeAndre Harris who started the huge fight in the parking garage was living it up while Borden and Ramos were held in jail without bail. With the help of Shaun King, he raised over $166,000 through GoFundMe by duping White liberals with guilty consciences into sending him money to pay for his medical bills. It appears he used the money from the melee that he had started to purchase a Mercedes Benz and a $2,000 pair of Nike Air Jordan Retros which he featured in his rap videos:

If we hadn’t finally gone to a magistrate to get a warrant, the truth about DeAndre Harris would have likely never been known to the public. Consider the fact that DeAndre Harris, Shaun King and the mainstream media managed to mislead America, all the donors who were duped into donating to this thug and the entire world as represented by the United Nations.

Note: Oh, and the helicopter that crashed in Charlottesville? It crashed because of a mechanical failure. And yet, we were somehow blamed for that too.

What else have they lied about in Charlottesville?
That’s the Heather Heyer known to the world. This is the Heather Heyer who died in Charlottesville on August 12th who the mainstream media didn’t want you to see:

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