FALSE FLAGS ARE LEGAL PROPAGANDA Obama signed a propaganda act in 2012 to deceive the people.steemCreated with Sketch.

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This question would go through our minds every time we would see a new false flag event plastered all over the media. Like many of you, we would think, “It has to be real, otherwise the government and participants would be engaging in treason.” But the narrative and the evidence never seem to match up. How odd that at Sandy Hook and at San Bernardino there were so many responders from federal agencies and that other drills were already happening on the same day just a mile away. Coincidence seemed unlikely for one event. Totally unlikely for two.

We beseech you, our fellow Americans, to read this article and pass it along to others. Unplug your electronic tethers and read this very important article. If not for you, then the children and loved ones in your life who will live like slaves in this hellish New World Order that is already here. Our patriotic duty was to do the research; yours is to read and distribute to other patriots.

Story at: https://aim4truth.org/2017/02/18/false-flags-are-legal-propaganda-2/

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