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Why we created SaveTheOcean Coin?

If we would like to answer this question with one sentence it would be this :

Raise awareness of Ocean degredation

Here are few facts why our oceans and oceanic ecosystems are in danger
-The oceans are overfished. 90% of the ocean's big fish are gone because of overfishing, and the remaining 10% could be gone in as little as forty years.
-Illegal fishing and destructive fishing practices, like bottom trawling
-The world's seafood consumption rate has been growing twice as fast as the population
-There are tons and tons of plastic in the ocean. It breaks down into smaller pieces, but never goes away.
-It's estimated that 60-80% of all marine debris is plastic.
-64% of the ocean lies beyond the jurisdiction of any nation, and there are no fully protected reserves in these waters

What are our goals?

Our main goal is to get "Crypto-Lands" people attention over the danger which surrounds us and our environment.
Many hundreds and thousand people are involved in Alternate Cryptocurrencies nowadays. By creating a strong based movement and organization hopefully we can incite
at least a few users to pay a little more attention on how we are living and how we are going to leave our planet for our successors.

How to get STO?


The main source to get STO is PoW. We decided to choose X11 algorithm because, this algorithm gives amazingly fast hashes for both GPU’s and CPU’s and, being more complicated than a SHA​256 ASIC implementation, the use of X11 will harden the use of ASIC miners in the short­​ term to mid​­term future. An added benefit of the algorithm is that GPUs require approximately 30% less wattage and run 30-50% cooler than they do with Scrypt.
To encourage miners and maintain the interest we decided to place SuperBlock phases in PoW structure with 400 STO reward. There will be 6 superblock Phases, which will long 2 days each (2880 blocks) Also there will be a MegaBlock phase of 2 days with 1000 STO reward.
Also there will be an early miner period of 2 days with 500 STO block reward.


With a yearly reward of 10% STO, you can stake your STO only by keeping your wallet online. The minimum stake age is 8 hours, so you must keep your coins in your wallet for at least 8 hours to start staking. The maximum stake age is 30 days.

Free Distribution

To stimulate the users to get involved in our project, we decided to launch a free distribution. The free distribution period will last for 1 week.
All you have to do is to send us a PM with your STO address.
To filter and prevent sock-puppet registrations you must fulfill a few requirements

You have at least Jr.Member rank
You have at least 50 posts on Bitcointalk
You have been active in the last few weeks

The rewards are based on bitcointalk ranks.

Jr.Member - 250
Member - 500
Full Member - 750
Sr.Member - 1000
Hero Member - 1250
Legendary - 1500


We offer different bounties for the involvement of our users

Translation bounties
To get a Translation bounty, translate the OP and send us a PM with the link. Please open the translation topic in your regional topic.
You must maintain and keep updated the topic for at least 1 week. Also you should link our original topic in your translation post.
Translation bounties available

  • Russian - Available
  • Chinese - Available
  • Turkish - Available
  • Indonesian - Available
  • Spanish - Available
  • French - Available
  • Italian - Available
  • Dutch - Available
  • Greek - Available
  • Portuguese - Available

More bounties and rewards will be announced later.

SaveTheOcean Movement Roadmap

To raise public awareness of our movement and organization we would like to follow a consciously planed RoadMap, which will be continuously developed and complemented
with users ideas. We would like to give the opportunity to STO user-base to modify and influence the roadmap which will be followed by STO Movement.
After the release of STO, we would like to start to develop the whole environment for our project. Registrating a Non-Profit organization will form the base of STOMovement
which will be a strong base for the Movement.


  • STO Coin Launch

  • STO Official BlockExplorer

  • STO Bitcointalk Campaign

  • STO Bounties

  • STO on Exchanges


  • STO Website

  • STO Non-Profit Organization

  • STO Payment Gateway

  • STO Affiliate Program

  • STO WorldWide Partnership Program


  • First STO MeetUP -more details about the MeetUPs will be discussed during the development process

More, important steps and goals will be announced as the development process will proceed.

STO Specifications

  • PoW/PoS Hybrid
  • X11 algorithm
  • Total supply ~ 150.000.000
  • BlockTime - 60 sec
  • PoS starts at block 2880
  • PoS reward - 10% yearly
  • Min. StakeAge - 8 hours
  • Max. StakeAge - 30 days
  • Premine - 6.6%
  • RPC Port - 4556
  • Default Port - 4555
  • PoW rewards with different phases
    • Early mining - 1 -> 2.880 - 500 STO
    • Pool mining - 2.880 -> 10.000 - 200 STO
    • SuperBlocks#1 - 10.001 -> 12.880 - 250 STO
    • MiningPhase#1 - 12.881 -> 43.200 - 200 STO
    • SuperBlocks#2 - 43.201 -> 46.081 - 300 STO
    • MiningPhase#2 - 46.082 -> 146.080 - 200 STO
    • SuperBlocks#3 - 146.081 -> 148.960 - 400 STO
    • MiningPhase#3 - 148.961 -> 248.960 - 200 STO
    • SuperBlocks#4 - 248.961 -> 251.840 - 400 STO
    • MiningPhase#4 - 251.841 -> 351.840 - 200 STO
    • SuperBlocks#5 - 351.481 -> 354.720 - 400 STO
    • MiningPhase#5 - 354.721 -> 500.000 - 200 STO
    • MegaBlocks#1 - 500.001 -> 502.880 - 1000 STO
    • MiningPhase#6 - 502.881 -> 1.000.000 - 100 STO
    • SuperBlocks#6 - 1.000.001 -> 1.002.880 - 400 STO
    • MiningPhase#7 - 1.002.881 - 100 STO

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