White House Bombed Syria While Employing Jared Kushner Conflict of Interest: Genie Energy's Ira Greenstein

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A major conflict of interest looms over the Rose Garden, whether it spells the end of the Trump administration or not, has yet to be determined. Genie Energy is the name of this corporate conflict of interest. Jared Kushner's activities in the White House have brought with them, speculation, that his presence may in fact be ulterior. This appears to be the case through the corporation's Ira Greenstein.

Genie Energy - White House.png

U.S. President Donald Trump & his administration are inherently subjugated by Genie Energy. When commencing with hostile military action on Syria, they did so while having a direct conflict of interest, primarily related to these business ties. This, along with political dealings with the Israeli government, has gone part & parcel to the destabilization of Syria.

On April 6th, 2017, the U.S. launched [59] Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria. Targeting Shayrat Airbase (FAA LID: OS65), numerous aircraft were destroyed, primarily Mig-23ML & Su-22M3 models. These being the same [Parent] models which had been involved in operations over Daraa, which is a choke point near the Golan Heights, it remains as of this posting as being under the control of the FSA & ISIS.

James Mattis would later claim that 20% of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) was destroyed.

To get to the very heart of the matter, we have to go back to the presidential transition period, when Newark lawyer Ira Greenstein was a member of ex-Congressman John Sweeney's "Tiger Team."

This made him an official transition team member for the Trump administration.

Times Union:

Sweeney is conducting interviews alongside three transition team members, lawyers all: Martin Silverstein, U.S. ambassador to Uruguay under President George W. Bush; Ira Greenstein, president of Genie Energy Ltd.; and financier Anthony Scaramucci, founder and co-managing partner of the hedge fund SkyBridge Capital.

On this team he directly oversaw government applicants including for senior national security positions:

Fueled by coffee and chicken salad sandwiches from the Trump Tower's cafe, Sweeney and three other high-powered Trump partisans have completed more than 300 interviews thus far. They're conducting 30- to 60-minute interviews of applicants for jobs including senior national security and intelligence positions, ambassadors, undersecretaries and top-ranking officials in nearly every federal agency. They conduct interviews by phone or in person and rank finalists 1 through 5. The final hiring is done by senior Trump aides following background checks.

After which, final hiring was done by Trump's senior aides, which would undoubtedly include Jared Kushner within the Office of the Chief of Staff within the Office of the Chief of Staff. This gave an American-Israeli energy corporation a prime directorate in deciding on who to put into power, who would oversee national security policies & ultimately be in a position to pick favorable people. This represents a rather rather grave conflict of interest, as Greenstein was still the President of Genie Energy when the U.S. attacked Syria & given his role within the White House may have contributed to pushing for military action.

One social media post to Instagram shows that Ira Greenstein, not pictured, had given a tour of the White House around March 10th, 2017.

Following military action on Syria, it was then alluded to that Steve Bannon had lost out to Jared Kushner in the decision making, on whether to attack or not.

A disturbing issue arises regarding this situation due to the Golan Heights being occupied Syrian territory, wherein there is precedent that drilling new wells, which Genie Energy has done after approval from the Israeli government — may in fact be illegal under international law. This means Ira Greenstein & subsequently Jared Kushner are involved in an ongoing criminal conspiracy.

This also means they would have been risking American lives, while killing numerous Syrians, to protect business interests which are inherently criminal in nature.

Ira Greenstein has long been an associate of the Kushners, described as a close family friend, especially to Charles Kushner.


Charlie Kushner might be keeping the Trump administration at arm’s length, but he has some old pals working in government under his son with whom he also stays in touch. One example: Ira Greenstein, a former Newark-based executive and longtime Kushner family friend, who quit his job as chairman of IDT Corp. and now works out of the Old Executive Office Building on Kushner’s team as a lawyer working primarily under Liddell and Cordish.

As some will recall, top Democratic donor Charles was previously sentenced to federal prison for the crimes of "tax evasion, witness tampering & making illegal campaign donations."

IAG 2.0.png

Like former Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka, Ira Greenstein is on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to salaries, earning $155,000 at the White House.

Ira Greenstein was past President of IDT Corporation, while they donated to the Central Fund of Israel (CFI), which has supported individuals that advocate for the killing of children on the basis of race.

Another issue is the timing regarding donations to Trump's campaign, Ira Greenstein donated exactly $10,000 to Make America Great Again, in late August of 2015. This occurred just a few weeks after substantial oil was discovered at the Ness-3 drilling site, in the Golan Heights.

Ira Greenstein previously communicated with Wall Street attorney Jay Clayton, before he was appointed Chairman of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).


Clayton also disclosed in his written responses that he communicated with others, including Rebekah Mercer, a Trump donor whose father, Robert Mercer, founded the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies; Genie Energy Ltd President Ira Greenstein; venture capitalist Darren Blanton; Martin Silverstein, a lawyer who is senior counsel with the law firm Greenberg Taurig and who was ambassador to Uruguay for four years under President George W. Bush; Trump’s current chief strategist Steve Bannon; and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, the documents show.

The CEO as well as Chairman of one of Genie Energy's largest external shareholders, BlackRock, visited the White House a few days after the airstrikes. Larry Fink & the very large firms behind him, such as Goldman Sachs, stand the most to gain monetarily from these aggressive moves.

Another point of subjugation within Trump's administration is IDT Corporation's Michael Glassner, chief strategist, including for the reelection.


Lewis Eisenberg advisor
From 1998 to 2001, while still informally advising the retired Dole, Glassner moved to New Jersey to work under Lewis Eisenberg, chair of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Glassner was Eisenberg's chief of staff. In 2001, near the end of Glassner's time at the Port Authority, he was involved in the deal that privatized the lease of the World Trade Center to the Silverstein Group. In July 2001, Glassner left the staff of the Port Authority to work for IDT Corporation, a global telecommunications company. According to ABC News, "At IDT, Glassner was chief of staff to the company's CEO, handling external communications as well as government and investor relations."

With IDT Corporation being the parent company of Genie Energy, as well as being composed of the very same individuals, it presents another angle by which this group retains control of the White House.

Senator Joe Manchin previously met with Genie Energy's chief scientist, Harold Vinegar, on behalf of the American Israel Educational Foundation — referred to as the "charitable arm of AIPAC."

Jewish Insider:

Meeting with Dr. Harold Vinegar, chief scientist of Israeli Energy Initiatives at Genie Energy, and Binyamin Zomer of Noble Energy, to discuss the importance of energy to the economies of Israel, the United States, and West Virginia.

Manchin would later be the only Democrat to vote in favor of Jeff Sessions & Steven Mnuchin.

Genie Energy's founder, Howard Jonas, donated to Senator Bob Menendez (D) just a few days before attacking Syria — as well as only a few days after tightening sanctions on Iran. Menendez would later approve the strikes.

Jonas has also donated to the campaigns of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the past.


According to material collected by the State Comptroller’s Office, one of the names, which Netanyahu had ranked “No. 2,” was of someone with whom the public may not have been familiar until recently: “Howard Jonas, IDT Corporation, New Jersey.” Jonas, who has donated to Netanyahu’s primary campaigns in the past, is the founder and owner of Israel Energy Initiatives, a company established in 2008 to develop oil shale in Israel.

All of this comes on the heels of H.R.672/S.198, of which the former, Senator Nita Lowey — has previously received donations from Genie Energy's Howard Jonas (Then: IDT Corporation). The latter, Senator Marco Rubio, has previously received donations from Genie Energy's Michael Stein.

It is worth mentioning that a coordinated effort went in to confuse people regarding this topic & sandbag Ira Greenstein himself. Thomas Wictor, an e-celebrity of sorts, tried to assert that the individual did not even exist. While another, Brian Cates, attempted to confuse people by taking an info graphic out of context & said that Ira Greenstein was implied as being Rupert Murdoch. Clearly such claims are entirely unfounded.

For one, Ira Greenstein is correctly denoted as President on an archive of Genie Energy's website, contradicting claims. Secondly, the main photo of this individual that was found, is corroborated by an auxiliary photo from the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Ironically, Sebastian Gorka called him out on this very thing, when it regarded Mustafa Javed Ali. As did Mike Cernovich, obviously, it is not coincidental that Ira Greenstein would not be mentioned under the same circumstances.

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