Project Management (PM): Best Software: Smartsheet #1 of 3

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Doing business in a better way (less talk, more action) with the world’s best project management software called Smartsheet.

But What is it briefly? Watch this video:

If you’re a Business owner or Manager or Supervisor, Director, etc. you know how difficult it is to know:
If everyone is doing something (task planning);
If everyone is accomplishing something (task execution); or
If everyone is reporting on something.

Here’s a brief introduction to Smartsheet:

Project Management is for any Business

Whether you are, a small shop owner, an entrepreneur, a bank, a school, a restaurant, an insurance company, a travel Agent, an airline company, an IT company, a consultancy firm, etc.; Smartsheet is for you.

A Global Business Solution

If your business is an international one, check this Smartsheet global solution:

To see a complete list of more than 70,000 companies using Smartsheet globally (including Facebook, Google, Netflix, Hilton, WorldVision, etc.) Click here

Project Management is simply about planning, executing and reporting. The best project managers help manage resources well and hold people responsible, all that for the betterment of their organization. In our next 2 sessions, I’ll talk about Task planning, Execution & Reporting

If you would like to get started with Smartsheet from as little as $19 per month or if you'd just like to try it Free for 30 days, Click here

If you'd like an official Business Presentation for you, Click here

To read about the second story #2 of 3 (work execution), Click here

To read about the third story #3 of 3 (work reporting), Click here


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