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RE: World Summit - Unifying the Unifiers

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I've seen parts of the music video at the website.

It says (at 1:38) that they want to design some power tools. Is that all? Designing electric saws?

At 1:02 they say that they do not need permission.

So why they (even this speaker) use Patreon? Isn't it a permissioned system? Why won't they accept bitcoin or steem?

Please do not go to this summit!. The video does not explain at all how they are going to use your money, just uses a few buzz words.


The Summit is for world changemakers who are creating and implementing systemic solutions for our planetary health outside of our governmental systems that are failing us. No, we do not need permission as the video states. It's also not a ticketed event for profit. There won't be ticket sales. It's put on by the people for the people. It's probably best you don't go as it seems to be a concept that is not in your consciousness. But, to advise other people not to go is silly.

You have failed to state in this comment, or in the article, what the people create. Even they didn't say it in the video. What are the solutions they have created? What exactly is 'silly' in my comments? The speakers collect donations, so it is obviously for profit.

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