Weather Channel Founder Takes Down CNN Host Over Climate Change

in news •  10 months ago

The criminal empire has been pushing global cooling, global warming and climate change since the 1970. Back in the 70s they told us that in the year 2000 there will be an ice age. In the the 80 they switched the story to global warming because they realized the sun was in an active state and the earth was warming so they said in 2000 nations would be underwater. In the 90s they told us that snow will be a thing of the past in the year 2013. None of this happened.

The weather channel founder confronted the host of CNN. He told him that there is no such thing as global warming or climate change, it is fake and a hoax. The CNN host says but 97% of the scientist say otherwise, the weather channel founder says those organizations receive grants from the government and they need to be on the same page as the criminal empire or they don't receive their grants. He says that he has 31,000 scientist that say climate change is not happening and he deals in scientific fact and would go up against any of them with real hard data.

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"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" -George Orwell

You could bury Al Gore up to his neck in a glacier, light his head on fire and he'd say it's Autumn.

Ha Ha. Good one. When there is truth there is no confusion.

Today, we are not interested in anything but the truth. So, we may not make a ton of money for telling it, but tell it we will. Kudos Dave!

Thanks for all you do Dave!

Thank You Dave great report, great to see a man stand of for the truth,

CNN has never been the same since Ted Turner sold it.

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This was great to see. Just because we are sceptical of the CO2 myth doesn't mean we are not for cleaning up the air, land, oceons and everything else. Somehow, if you say you are sceptical of one, the CO2 myth, it means you don't believe that we are causing all the other things that are wrong with the planet. Keep up the good work Dave.

Been saying this whole thing has been a hoax for years, and this is a great article. People always believe the MSM BS..
They need I wake up, but like they say.. "You can't handle the truth!!!" Some people just won't listen.