1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphatesteemCreated with Sketch.

in news •  2 years ago

The street outside the empty embassy in Belgrave Square, London, was closed off as it filled with protesters and Islamic leaders chanting loudly and calling for America to be punished over Aleppo. The demonstration became an alternative to an official rally calling for an end to the bloodshed in Syria outside Downing Street. During the speeches which lasted almost an hour the crowd chanted Allahu Akbar 'God is the greatest' and cheered for those calling for a global caliphate.


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No proper Muslim would behave in such a manner. It is contrary to all the teachings and is purely political and a disruptive ploy. One of the principal problems with Islam is the lack of voice. No papacy .... nobody respects a disseminated voice. Islam has to fix Islam but they need encouragement and help ... no interference.

You know what? I would normally never support war, but it is getting to the point now with these fucking salafist scumbags in particular that I would happily see Trump and Russia ally together against Saudi Arabia if it made fuckers like this literally run for the hills like they always do when people fight back.

We've been having to deal with morons like this in the UK for awhile now and I'm sick of it and we're not allowed to defend ourselves against them or they scream 'racism' and 'Islamaphobia'.

Why do these articles in British newspapers always emphasize the use of Allahu Akbar? I mean I am not a religious person and certainly have no muslim inclinations but all Allahu Akbar means is God is Great, if a person believes in God I see no reason for this being offensive or being a centerpoint for an article.
I agree on reporting on any violent activity by these people but this article has nothing about violence in it, only thing I see wrong here is they were blocking traffic and making dumb speeches.


only thing I see wrong here is they were blocking traffic and making dumb speeches

Right on!

Europian Islamophobia !!#?!#