Announcing The First Hospital In The World To Accept Steem!

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Imaxess is now the first hospital & clinic in the world to accept steem & SBD for payment!
As many of you know, I'm traveling through Mexico right now.

Along the way I've been looking up all of my friends, family and business associates, hell anyone that will listen to me! and talking to them about steem and just how revolutionary this platform is. My end goal here is to spread the steemit message and get as many real live businesses as I can to accept SBD directly for payment.

Today I talked with my good friend Dr Eduardo Padilla. I've known him literally for I don't even know how many years. He's the Director and primary shareholder of Imaxess which is a hospital and outpatient clinic in Tijuana.

Imaxess was the first hospital in the entirety of Mexico to have MRI & CT facilities. They were also first in the WORLD to accept bitcoin for payment. They have one of the only bitcoin ATMs in Baja California thanks to @alechahn

Now they are they are the first to accept steem and SBD thanks to your's truly!

This facility has been on the cutting edge of medicine for over 20 years! Dr Padilla is a well known radiologist and he literally wrote the book on both radiology and tele-medicine. He's a noted lecturer and speaker as well.

I've convinced him to come here and run the account @imaxess himself. He will be blogging about the latest happenings in healthcare and creating content exclusively for steemit.

He also teaches aspiring young doctors and medical students and will be encouraging them to enroll in steemit. He will be using steemit as a teaching platform and leveraging the power of social media for education and outreach. We also talked today about something else that is huge and I can't disclose, but MAN I'M DYING TO!!!

I believe what he has in the works will revolutionize medical care as we know it!

I can't tell you how unbelievably huge this is!!!

Starting on Monday you can spend your SBD, dollar for dollar for qualified, competent medical care in a world class medical facility. But this is only the beginning...
Imaxess is the flagship of a chain of hospitals in baja, so this is the first of many, many hospitals that will be accepting steem!

I'll be updating their billing system over the weekend to accommodate SBD, I'm sorting out how to integrate the blocktrades API right now. So if anyone from blocktrades could chime in, that would be lovely.

If you happen to be in Mexico and would like to drop by any time after Monday morning, here's a map...

You can also follow @imaxess and feel free to visit
He will be making his introductory blog post on Monday and so I'm asking all of my followers to please give him a warm welcome by following him now and upvoting him when he arrives.

Keep Steemin!


Wonderful! I'm glad to see Steem being used an opportunity for a teaching platform. I tried it already with my some of my math 'classes'. There are a few tools that are lacking to properly be able to do math lectures (i.e. no mathjax yet), but I think that, in general, teaching and doing live lectures and interactive courses is just another use-case for the blockchain.

I agree completely! One of the major selling points I talked about was the potential to post homework, get feedback on it and also the ability to prove grades without any BS.

So cool! They show get on the map of businesses accepting Steem.

Do you get onto this map?

I don't have a business that accepts steem at the moment, but if I did I would get on that map so people could find me.

Congratulations! This is truly an achievement! Hopefully, the payment method with steems will prove easy enough that it will catch on in other businesses.

Yes it's happening right now in fact! Have I mentioned that I really love this place?

Ahh thanks! I really appreciate that!

This will be an excellent use case for Steemit. Well done and thank you. I have resteemed.

Thank you very much! They've been accepting bitcoin for awhile, and now SBD :)

Sweet, now my blogs about heavy drinking, smoking and drug use can pay for my liver, lung and heart transplant!

I'm with ya on that. Booze and nicotine will send me to an early grave. But at least I lived well!

Interested in updates of medicine and science I've now added @imaxess to my following list :)

Awesomesauce! I'm super glad you did that!

Another key element here is the way Mexican medical care processes, facilities and procedures are progressing far beyond the US system.

Yes and also the medical education system here is second to none. Many premed students come down here from the USA finish up their education here in Mexico and go back to the USA to practice. This way they don't have to spend the rest of their lives tied down and enslaved to student loan debt.

Fact you can go from Bachelors to MD in the same amount of time here for less than 1/10th the cost.
Medical Degrees issued in Mexico are valid in the USA and subject to the same stringent requirements, they just cost a lot less.

Also medical research in Mexico is a booming industry. Many medical studies are carried out here and like I said before TJ is largest manufacturer of medical devices in the world!

Really impressive man. This is a great announcement. Not only is the value of steem going to be higher, but we will actually have more medical minds making their mark on a bright, new, large community.

Thanks and he really is a brilliant mind!

I know and this is literally the tip of the iceberg. You guys have got to come here and check this place out.
It's a nerdy wonderland!

The medical tourism is tipical in north border of mexico there are a lot of good hospitals and clinics

1000% agree, Imaxess is a flagship hospital but hardly the only one. The quality of medical care here is second to none and SO much cheaper than the USA!

Fantastic ... Exciting to see where Steem would lead to.

I agree! This is a path no crypto has ever gone down before. in fact I'm pretty certain this is something completely new in the world!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it. What's coming next is beyond awesome.

This is a pretty amazing step. Great work William enjoy the rest of your trip..

Thank you! One small step for Steem one giant leap for Steemkind!

This will start a revolution. I am so happy that so many mainstream companies are accepting steem

Me too! I'm hoping this journey will seed the steemit message across mexico.
Journeying across Mexico and seeing the whole thing has been a dream of mine for decades! I've seen about everything there is to see in the USA. Now it's time to see what's south of the great American empire.

Freakin' awesome news. Reblogged and following

Thank you so much for that! I really appreciate it!

That's incredible! Way to spread the word and use your influence in the real world. I love Mexico, lived there 10 years.

You should come on back soon! The cartel wars are basically over now and honestly I feel safer walking down the streets of TJ than I ever have New York or LA. OMG my little city has grown so much over the years!

I was in Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Cabo. Been more places in Mexico than most Mexicans, all the places Americans warned me about and never had a problem. Certainly feel safer there.

God I love Playa del Carmen. Come to think about it, maybe I'll end my trip on a high note and go that far south.

You're right bro Playa is magical actually i live in Cancun and Playa del Carmen is 45 minutes from here but believe me all mexican caribbean is awesome.

Cryptocurriencies will be the world currency of the future. The sooner we can accept that the sooner the future will be here.

I completely agree and while the USA may be pretty well tapped out due to over regulation, I think Latin America will quickly overtake the #1 position in the world because of their attitude towards cryptocurrencies in general.

It's incredible to think where steem/steemit will take us In the future...It's all ready pretty amazing now! lol Nice post:)

Thanks! I'm really excited about this. The post took a lot less effort than convincing everyone to use steem though :D

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Thanks! I will check that out!

Anytime steem becomes accepted in "real life" establishment is a big stepping stone. Good info, keep up the good work.

Thank you very much. I really hope to get every merchant on board with crypto. Babysteps though.

A great day for crypto. A great post!

I agree! This has been an awesome day!

Wow! That's impressive work. How do you pitch Steem?

Well it varies from person to person. In this case I just showed him what the HAVIN project raised and showed him how steemit could be used for education and outreach. Kids are fleeing facebook and twitter in droves, as they leave their parents will too.

With Steemit the parents are already here for other reasons. If he can get these messages about the cool things going on in medicine now days he can demystify it for them so folks will take better care of themselves.

To be clear, Imaxess is a hospital in Mexico that primarily caters to medical tourists. There are certain kinds of tests and procedures that insurance will never cover, but that can greatly increase quality of life. Imaxess has never turned away anyone for inability to pay but has always offered the latest and greatest.

@williambanks - you are truly amazing! This is truly revolutionary and I hope more hospitals and clinics follow suit! I'm so excited to see digital currency coming into mainstream uses. I'm jumping for joy for you. :)

Thank you @merej99 it's a long hard road, but the journey is worth it no matter what the destination is!

This is pretty dang exciting and impressive! Good work on your part and very forward looking on the part of imaxess!

Thank you very much! I'm super pumped about this. Mexico is the #1 destination for medical tourism in the world, and Imaxess has an absolutely huge amount of foot traffic.

As a radiologist and crypto-enthusiast, I would be interested in getting involved with promoting the fusion of these two worlds!