Have you actually realized the UFOs are real confirmed by government officials? Are they alien thought?

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The UFO phenomena is a controversial one, up until very recently for the majority of the population it was just a far-fetched fantasy at best a psychotic-conspiracy at worst. That's how these theories were viewed.
Very unfortunately for those who remained open minded and wanted to investigate, they were ridiculed and bullied by the scientific world and media. Even worst for those who went through some though shit mystical experience and were sent for treatment with psychologist for their delusions.

As it turns out there's really something out there.

For anyone who still has doubts and really needs "official statement" - in the last few months (Sep, 2019) Joseph Gradisher, official spokesperson for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare confirmed that three videos circulating around the web are in fact declassified and leaked video-evidence gathered by army for an aircraft of an unknown origin 100 years more advanced than our best fighter jets.
Here's the original article. The interview was also reported by all major mainstream media outlets including Washington Post, Fox News, New York Times and others.

What we know so far

The UFOs featured in the footage are able to fly and go under water, are able to instantaneously accelerate to incredible speeds and stop as quickly, move in any direction in any position and seem to be made of one solid block of material.
There is no information on what powered the vehicle but it had no thursters visible on thermal camera nor wings nor turbines.

It was seen by the jet crew, recorded by on-board infrared tracking system, as well as observed and recorded on military radars on land.

There are currently three videos in circulation, two by US Navy and one by Mexican military with multiple unidentified objects. They are nicknamed Tic-Tac, Gimbal and Gofast.
See the footage for yourself (yes you're watching real UFO!):

You can easily find more official information on the web along with a ton of speculations that people make.
If this seems to matter to you, then this is the best way to get accustomed with the new information - directly from Commander David Fravor, who's really a cool fellow.

I was just about to completely believe but then...

I was watching an interview with Tom DeLonge, the founder of To The Stars Academy on Joe Rogan (before these videos were confirmed by US Navy) and he mentioned a number of interesting things on why the information was not released sooner and about the plot he discovered, that allowed him to be introduced to some of the secrets as his company was being hired for communication purposes on UFO disclosure for Pentagon and NASA.
If you want, I highly recommend watching the full interview (here) Long story short, he explains that he has studied a range of subjects for over 25 years and this allowed him to connect the dots and discover what is really going on about the UFO. Interestingly he highlights that he was studying some of the global banking mechanics that emerged after second world war, the powerful families, together with the UFO, physics and history.
He pictures himself as a person that these government organizations chose as a communication person to relay information to the public, because of what he was about to work on even without their help. He discloses that there was an ongoing study of the phenomena since the Roosevelt crash and there was purposely misinformation along with infiltration of the circles of UFO enthusiasts to keep an eye on their information and be able to steer them off-track easier.
He adds he doesn't know how it was achieved for so long, but now he's their communication man.
And I thought that's quite funny, how is he different from anyone else hired for the disinformation agenda?
I wondered however what is it that he has discovered.
I'll drop some dots on the table, and let's see if anyone can connect them, they are in no specific order but all relevant.

  1. Patents for extremely innovative, beyond our age technology exist on Earth and are owned by banking corporations (See JP Morgan and Teslas Patents)
  2. It's likely that other advanced technologies with the potential to reshape the establishment are kept locked up
  3. There are on the planet incredibly powerful and rich organizations, in shadows - to give some context here, the richest man ever on earth was Rockefeller with 400billion USD worth of everything he's got. The richest family is a family from Saudi Arabia with 1000 members and total worth of 1.3 trillion. 83% countries on earth have their whole years budget under 1 trillion.
  4. In US 11 trillion got missing from the US budget.
  5. Operation paper-clip brought to US German scientists working for the Reich to develop space technology, anti-gravity and atomic research.
  6. Germans experimented with UFO designs and UFO-resembling crafts.
  7. An efficient system of propaganda, misinformation and brainwash is in place for all mainstream media streams.
  8. From military perspective, there's no reason to share advanced technology or even the knowledge of its existence with the rest world in no circumstances (the power of secret weapon), especially that without knowing who owns it - no-one can be accounted for its use. And that goes for whole countries but also for influential secret organizations, powerful families and power-hungry individuals.

Let's say with all this I'm not completely convinced that these crafts originate from space.
One way or the other it's equally amazing. We either have real cosmic race of aliens visiting earth in flying crafts, that potentially any one of us can bump into or get taken for fourth kind experience, or there is a secret separate level of the human world far more advanced and independent than we can think.
Whoever it is, they have technology worthy of space civilization. So that base on the far side of the moon might not be such a far-fetched idea.
It feels almost as if we live in a fantasy world that we can't see, we're not told about it, there are legends, but the access is just for a handful individuals.
And if that was not the case try to go to the south pole without international military permission...

I'd love to get any new info if you've got something to add or an interesting viewpoint, so please do share.


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