Daily Soccer News 2018-06-03

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Napoli have rejected a bid totalling £44m from Manchester City for Jorginho, according to the Italian club's president Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Vincent Kompany will require a scan to determine if he can play at the World Cup in Russia after injuring his groin during Belgium's goalless draw with Portugal.

Poll results: Barça fans want Eriksen and Griezmann!

Bullshit Time: 

Well, Napoli wants more money from City who is capable to pay more  and will probably pay more.

Injury is killing Kompany who is only 32 years old this year. Maybe it is the time for him to think of getting retired after this World Cup.

It will be incredible reinforcement if Barca can get both Eriksen and Griezmann. Can they get both of them? I doubt that. Getting Eriksen could be harder than Griezmann. Barca won't have enough money for both of them.

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Do you think the Milan-Falcao affair will be successful?

They say the biggest problem right now is his engagement..


I think if Barca someone sells, for example, Paco Alcacer, then the part of money will appear on Eriksen.
If Barсa signs these players, then this will be a super boost for them.