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Part 2: “Uncover the Truth Behind Spam”

What happens when you respond to spam messages sent to your smartphone. Our Special Mission News Crew decided to find out and responded.

“I received an email from this email address. I don’t have it registered, but do I know you? My name is Yuko.”

At the end of last year, one of our reporters received the above message from an ordinary, legitimate looking email address sent from an address @docomo.ne.jp. “I didn’t send you a message. I think you have me mistaken for someone else,” we responded.


She attached a picture of "her face"

“Oh, I guess we don’t know each other. I wonder how it happened. Well, it’s an interesting coincidence. Do you mind if I email you?”

Yuko introduced herself as 22 years old who worked at a café. Yuko said her hobbies included becoming a better woman, and she attached a picture of her face. She mentioned that she was worried her father would sneak a look at her phone.

“If my parents find out, we won’t be able to meet... Could you contact me on my personal profile website? I’d like to set a date through the website.”

She included a link to a website. Should we click it?

Associate Professor Yushi Okajima from Chuo University is an information security specialist who is an expert on spam messages. “Don’t click on the link,” he says, “Most of these links are asking for money.” It seems these links often lead to websites that are fraudulent or force-download viruses. “Attached pictures are profile pictures of models and actresses or pictures of bloggers,” he added.
Our reporter responded, “Where do you live? Do you want to meet?” As soon as the reporter did, Yuko stopped replying.


Mail from "Yuko". Trans. *I’m sorry, I guess we don’t actually know each other.I had simply replied to an email I received. I wonder how it happened.. Well, it’s an interesting coincidence. Do you mind if I email you I’ll send a picture, ok? :)

New fictitious claims appear daily.
Our reporter received a message from a company claiming to be from Las Vegas named fc2 Service. The message read, “Please pay for your outstanding pay-per-view bill.”
The message claimed that after having watched five free minutes, our reporter continued to watch pay-per-view videos online for three days at a rate of 100 yen per minute. If our reporter didn’t pay the 513,600 yen within the next 24 hours, the company was going to take legal action.
However, the message further claimed, that if our reporter couldn’t recall having watched such videos, he could settle the bill for a processing fee of 20,000 yen. Complying with the message, our reporter sent his sex, cellphone number, and residing prefecture to a company named Godo Uketsuke (trans. General Reception).
After doing so, our reporter received a second message that instructed him to pay the bill at a convenience store. The instructions told him to inform the convenience store clerk that he was paying an online bill, and he was given a 13-digit payment number to complete the transaction.
Our Special Mission News Crew carried out the instructions up until the actual payment of the bill. Going to the convenience store and providing the payment number, we were astounded to see the online shopping giant Amazon as the receiver of the payment.

“You are an embarrassment who doesn’t keep his promises. You should face the music instead of causing people so much trouble. You are a horrible person.”

After more than seventy messages, we were unable to unveil the identity of the sender.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Anti-Spam Consultation Center was provided with over 14.5 million spam messages in 2016. Although the Consultation Center would be able to act if they could identify the senders, “There are too many messages to process. We have a limited capacity,” said one of the ministry officials.

迷惑メールを追う 記者が返信すると…詐欺の入り口巧み 「私、優子」サイト誘導 「コンビニ支払い」悪用


登録してないアドレスでメールが来ましたけど私の知ってる人ですか? 私、優子といいますけど…






親にバレちゃったら会うことも出来なくなっちゃう。。。プロフ(自己紹介サイト)に連絡してくれませんか? 遊ぶ約束とかもそっちでしたい



「どこに住んでいるの? 会いませんか?」。記者がそう切り出した途端、優子からの返信は途絶えた。










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Very strange...


Thanks. Which point do you feel strange?


As soon as the reporter initiated a meeting, "Yuko" stopped responding. Or are we sure it was a she? Could've been a guy in his mom's basement.😵😵


Thankyou. As you say, "she" could be a guy. In next articles, you'll see some info about this...