Possible Intelligence Asset Associated with International Biker Gang Survives Car Bombing In Greece

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Comanchero 'kingpin' seen lunging at police during dramatic arrest over 'massive drug haul' is the SAME bikie filmed facing off with no-nonsense cop Raptor 13 at funeral for the gang's boss.


PICTURED: Comanchero bikies kicked out of Australia set up New Zealand's first chapter - as the violent gang 'thanks' Peter Dutton for letting them grow 'stronger'


LESS than five years ago he was a clotheshorse for Australia's elite Chadwick Model Agency, his chiselled features reminiscent of a Bond actor.

Today, 28-year-old Hasan Topal is at the centre of a violent power struggle within one of the country's most feared bikie gangs, the Comanchero.


Rebel bikies have infiltrated Victoria Police, endangering officers, harming investigations and corrupting the force. By Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker.


Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi, 37, was the chief of the Australian biker gang known as the Comanchero Motorcycle Club.

The father-of-two, a Lebanese immigrant, was murdered on February 15 while sitting in his car outside a gym in Sydney.


Former Melbourne bikie leader Amad Malkoun injured in Athens car blast
Authorities believe bomb attack might have been carried out by an organised crime gang


Bikie war: Feud between Comanchero bosses linked to shootings


A 2015 police intelligence report released under the Official Information Act estimated the cost of criminal offending by deportees arriving in New Zealand over five years would exceed $100million.

Another report from January 2017 predicted 200 members of Australian gangs which did not have chapters in New Zealand would be deported in the next two years.

New Zealand has its own well-established outlaw motorcycle gangs but police there are concerned about the arrival of the Comanchero, a group considered to be involved in sophisticated drug dealing.

Police allegedly seized $2.75 million in cash and drugs including 1.15kg of cocaine, 1.1kg of ice, and 26 litres of GBL - also known as 'coma in a bottle - five sub-machine guns, two semi-automatic pistols, two revolvers, ammunition and a silencer found in a storage unit in Waterloo.

Vaiusu was charged with three counts of supplying prohibited drugs, possess ammunition, deal in proceeds of crime, resist arrest, participate in a criminal group, and aggravated firearms offences.

Police alleged they stopped a car in Sydney's Alexandria on Thursday afternoon and arrested his 32-year-old brother Henry.

Malkoun is currently in exile in Russia, where is believed to established a successful crime syndicate made up of heavily armed mercenaries.

The Maserati driving, convicted heroin trafficker handed the reigns to Murray in 2013 before leaving Melbourne to start a new life in Dubai.

A 2010 internal federal police report warned that leaks from one policeman to a bikie figure were compromising the identity of undercover officers and police informers. In 2011, senior Victoria Police officers separately received a high-level briefing on one such inquiry that had been compromised.

About seven years after Operation Temper was shelved, a new federal multi-agency taskforce, codenamed Operation Corsair, began targeting Malkoun. Again, his contact with Gelemanovic and possibly other policemen had been detected during surveillance. Again, Malkoun had received a phone call that would destroy another international drug trafficking probe.

Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi, 37, was the chief of the Australian biker gang known as the Comanchero Motorcycle Club.

The father-of-two, a Lebanese immigrant, was murdered on February 15 while sitting in his car outside a gym in Sydney.

Malkoun is a convicted drug trafficker who was present at the abduction of international drug trafficker Wayne Rodney Schneider in Thailand in 2015.

He is believed to now live in the ritzy Athens seaside suburb of Glyfada known as the "Hellenic Hamptons".

It's believed he has since established a power base in Greece with gang members in Russia.

Meanwhile, Murray was jailed for eight months in March for failing to co-operate with an unrelated police investigation.

The 40-year-old was hauled before Victoria's chief examiner to be quizzed about four serious alleged offences. He refused to answer questions, saying: "I'm not a dog."

The former Melbourne bikie leader Amad “Jay” Malkoun has been seriously injured in an apparent car bomb attack in Athens.

Malkoun, who was previously Victorian head of the Comancheros, was attempting to start his Mercedes outside a gym in the upmarket suburb of Glyfada on Friday when the blast occurred.

Four other cars were scorched during the explosion and the 56-year-old was rushed to hospital on Friday with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

The bomb blast went off close to where Sydney gangland figure John Macris was shot dead in October. It is not known if Friday’s car bombing was related, but security officials told a Spanish news agency the authorities believed the attack might have been carried out by an organised crime gang.

Malkoun, a convicted drug trafficker, has been living in Greece for two years after leaving Australia in 2013.

In Sydney, they specialized in Korean prostitutes. Can anyone think of another group of people recently tied to Korean prostitutes?

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