Gravity light - a new invention that can help whom doesn't still have electricity

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One of the greatest inventions I think is ever Invented is the Gravity Light, This uses gravity to, you guessed it, create light. This great product can be used in third world countries where access to electricity is low and many people cannot afford electricity and/or light bulbs. This is a very, very cost effective method of creating light using just gravity.


How it works

There is a drop of 6 ft from a 12 kilogram weight. This weight gets lifted up and once hoisted up it falls down very slowly at around 1mm per second. This movement gives a gear energy, which then moves slowly with very high force. Then a gear train converts the energy into very quick but low force energy. This generates 1/10 of a watt, which powers an led, this creates a light 5x brighter than a lamp. Once the bag hits the floor, you bring it up again and the process restarts.

How this can help people


Say you were a poor family in a remote part of some third world country. You most likely would not have enough money to feed yourself, beside caring about electricity. You would still be a human and that means that in dark conditions you would not be able to see, and you can't just adapt to see in the dark just like that. So you would need a source of light. Sure you could buy a lamp. But this would be very dim compared to the Gravity Light. The gravity light as mentioned gives 5x the light of a lamp and you do not need dangerous fluids such as kerosene. There would be little to no fire hazards and all you would have to do is pick up the weight and take it to the right height once done. This would be far better than having to buy kerosene, change wicks and keep on buying lamps.

How long does it last?

The main time frame is around 30 minutes but this also depends on the height in which the Gravity light was positioned, if it is higher up then that means you can be looking towards 35 - 40 minutes whereas if it were lower it would be around 20-25. The time is actually really good considering all you are doing is pulling a 12 kg weight up


How much does it cost?

unsurprisingly, the price is very low as the product was made for third world countries and it comes in at only £3 or 5 dollars. This is a good price for say that family I was talking about as $5 for a light that will most likely last you 2+ years and you don't have to pay for electricity is very good.


All in all I believe that this is a very good product and should be made available to everyone that needs this and also to those people that maybe cannot even afford lighting or electronics. I really hope you enjoyed. Thank you!

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@steemvoter @thecryptodrive guys do you remember when you were talking about the new project about charity and helping people in need? We could start as well from here! Using Steem and SBD for delivery electricity to hundreds/thousands of houses in need.
I am sure that @gavvet very focus on Africa will be pleased too to participate in helping people in this way.

Looks interesting, where do they sell these? Weblink?

I suppose so! We can find out and start collecting money for buying those products and deliver to people in need :)

this is an awesome gadget, how i wish it could power a laptop, i want to buy for my african steemian friend

that's good :)

can this product power a laptop?

no idea. I suppose it will need much more power to do that.... find out googling

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wow, first time i heard of it.
5$ for 30 minutes light without electricity is extraordinary!

it is a great idea! I have added a video that will explain better! check it I am sure you will love it

Very nice dear friend!Up&Resteem

cheers :)

this a very good idea thanks to you
this is the first time i am reading about this and i am very excited
gravity is in infinite amount and we can generate energy in infinite amount
and there are many ways to generate energy without spending any natural resources (solar,wind and now with gravity) . I wonder why there is shortage of energy despite of having these methods

exactly! We don't need anymore petrol to produce electricity

that's a great invention, but I don't think poor people can afford to buy it...

i think it isn't that expensive honestly

It was very interesting for me
Thanks Dear

no problem ;)

Rock Energy! I love it!


That's a really extraordinary idea. I wonder how noisy the gears are. Also how do you turn it off!? 🤔 Thanks for sharing!

hi thanks for you message. It is not that noisy plus check the video I have just uploaded in the post that will make you understand better how it does work.

I think it's a great product!

It is anytime better than using a kerosene lamp that lets out a lot of fumes which is hazardous to health!

Is it just a concept or is it out in the market already ?

hi tara I think it is on the market already since 1 year or so. Just google it or check on youtube and you will see more. I think it is a great invention honestly that will help so many people

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thank you :)

I think I have seen this on some TV before. I'm just wondering if it will be available commercially.

I hope it is already available so we could invest and help whom really need help

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