Launching We Are Change Official Steemit w/Don’t Tase Me Bro!

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You’ve seen We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski on Steemit.

This is our official account, where we will post breaking news, videos, and more!

I’m Andrew Meyer, the editor-in-chief of We Are Change.

In 2007, I questioned John Kerry on why he didn’t challenge the 2004 election fraud and failed to impeach George W. Bush. Senator Kerry didn’t answer my questions, but I did get attacked by seven cops and tased. The media reported that I was a “well-known prankster,” while my website featured articles I wrote about media deception and government lies.

After becoming infamous, I continued writing about the ways we have been lied to by the media. During this time, a Miami Herald reporter asked to interview me. I agreed to her request, and showed up to the interview with a recording device. When I told her I wanted to record the interview, she told me that was unacceptable, called her editor, and cancelled the interview. This is the media that has informed much of the world -- propagandists pushing an agenda, afraid of being exposed by the truth.

Working as the first staff writer for Photography Is Not A Crime!, I helped expose the policing crisis in America, and was chosen by Luke Rudkowski to help run the world’s best independent news outlet. We Are Change was founded in the aftermath of 9/11 with the pain of people like Luke, who suffered from the disinformation spread by the government. This organization now has 260 chapters worldwide and is closing in on 400,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Personally, my goal is world peace and prosperity. Sadly, millions of people with the same goal have been brainwashed by Wall Street owned media into taking actions that block us from achieving that goal. We Are Change is unbiased, on point, and honest. With your help, we can help teach the world and break through the mental slavery keeping us in bondage.

The staff at We Are Change dedicated our lives to researching the geopolitical, mental and spiritual barriers blocking human development. Our team of writers, reporters, meme makers and activists are on the front line of the fight to liberate mankind, and we need your help to get the word out.

With any luck, Steemit will be the platform to revolutionize social media, and reach the millions of people ready to wake up and change the system. Thank you to the good Samaritan who locked down this Steemit account for us. This is a team effort, and We Are Change is the newspaper of the people.

We look forward to serving you.

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Hey family! We Are Change Colorado here :-) We just created the account yesterday, and we'll be doing our introduceyourself in just a couple of days. Following you & @lukewearechange already, we're looking forward to spreading the message!

Fantastic! I came over to after watching Luke Rudowski's recent video.

Welcome to steemit andrew! It always drove me nuts the way the media spun the kerry incident, its disgusting the way you were treated for daring to ask a question..
I had no idea you had joined wearechange, thats awesome :)

You're welcome for the account handover, but could you please change your password (carefully, backup twice) to help ease my paranoia a bit. Better to do it now before the account holds much value, would hate for it to have been sniffed when i sent it..

Look forward to more content from the wearechange team!

Glad to be a part of real change movement

Nice man good seein u here ausbitbank! Man i love austria im lucy to have gottento visitthere, and hey ya ur popular here man, and ya i was searching this to find out wo else associated with infowars is ons teemit so we can get alex onesto join so we can thenget donald trump to join

oh, cool. That's a smart move and I look forward to reading your stuff.

I love your work, that was really you eh, I saw you get tased on the Chappelle's show, Dave Chappelle's showed the clip. it shows a lot in my opinion, the video doesn't need much explaining, you caught the worst of the force the police and security use when someone stands up for our rights, but we need more people who dont mind getting tased for a greater cause. Keep up the good work!

Glad to see you here on Steemit, Welcome

I watch all your videos on YouTube. Keep up the great work!

Happy to see an alternative to youtube!


Glad to have you on our amazing platform. I have faith in this site for spreading change.

Thanks. I feel Steemit is already changing social media. By incentivizing independent journalists to come here - an unbiased platform - we are building a powerful centralized news outlet.

Wouldnt of known about Steemit without you! Keep your eyes open and minds on change everyone.

Same here! Am on Steemit due to WeAreChange

I like the feel of this site and we are change is a great addition

Welcome to steemit Guys :)


Are you going to be posting that big, visually noisy image in every comment?

I remember watching that "don't tase me bro" footage over and over, shocked, amazed and puzzled. They said that you were trying to deliberately provoke a reaction like that, as a kind of publicity stunt. Is that, in any way, a fair representation? The whole thing was bizarre, especially the way Kerry just kept talking through the whole thing as if nothing was happening. It was definitely an eye-opener for me, so thanks for asking questions.

Hello Andrew. Nice to "almost" meet you. I do look forward to meeting you in person someday. It's on my "bucket list". That event literally changed the way cops are dealt with, and can be controlled. Thank you for having the balls to confront Kerry on campus.