George Clooney and Hollywood Hypocrisy

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George Clooney has been one of many celebrities to come out swinging lately in the never ending dispute of gun control in America.


Clooney has openly stated he is for gun control and also put his money where his mouth is Donating half a million dollars to the cause...

But is this just a little bit hypocritical of the A lister Social Justice Warrior?

Let's have a think about it...

First of all, Clooney has made his millions, gloryfying killing with Guns through countless violent Hollywood flicks, going back to dusk till dawn and others like the Peacemaker, the American, three kings and many more...

Does he talk about the promotion of killing with Guns in the movies he produces and stars in, as being part of the gun problem in America? Nope.

Also Clooney briefly moved his family to Italy in difance when Trump won, although he soon moved back, as it is reported due to the overflow of migrants and trouble erupting in Italy at the time, he feared for his families safety and returned home, yet he advocates for gun control and open borders back in America...


Clooney is also the co-founder of the Sentry Project, which is an arm of the (enough project) which is operating from the globalist think tank, CADS (Center for Advanced Defence Studies) which is funded by John Podesta's Slush Fund, Center for American Progress (CAP).

Clooney is also a member on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), which has many War Mongers sitting at that table, such as Dick Channey and Henry Kissinger.

Here is a link to Sentry

SENTRY claims to follow the money that funds crimes against humanity - only in Africa however...
Yet is funded by Lockheed-Martin and Boeing, two of the biggest global profiteering weapons manufactures who profit from supplying weapons for crimes and atrocities ,against humanity.....

Does Clooney not see the hypocrisy in his so called stances on these issues yet his actions in his own workings in these industry suggests otherwise?

How does he keep a straight face? Well it's a simple answer...he acts for a living, a professional liar, and his good at it, Just another Paid Puppet in my opinion, prostitution himself and his high up position for money and power...

I do not claim to know the answers to all these crazy world problems, but I am sure as hell, puppets like Clooney , Opera and countless other Hollywood frauds have no right manipulating the masses with their hypocrital SJW propaganda..

For more double standards of Clooney follow this link.

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Relevance: Actors are the worst whores they'll do anything for money!
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Awesome article..Nailed it!!


Cheers! 😊

Your post is Golden and great news thanks for sharing



All hollywood are hypocrites, can predict the political stance of almost any actor. It's very simple, because everyone follows the same agenda.