Transcending Your Limits: How to Become More Powerful

in news •  4 months ago

I write often on how technology will transform society, and increases the power of individuals generally. Here are some examples you can see are able to increase your power today.

One aspect of technology that incessantly increases the power of individuals is that prices of new technologies inevitably decrease. The Versius robotic surgery system demonstrates this principle, and it is easy to see how science fiction as shown in 'Prometheus' that shows a fully automated robotic surgery that the patient can operate without assistance is being approached ever closer by available technology, and that prices are continually falling at the same time.

You'd have to be quite wealthy to own this system today, and be able to afford personal doctors to run it. It's also easy to project those limitations being overcome.

While the O-Wind Turbine looks like a toy today, being so small that it could only provide very little power, they're intent on improvements to address those limitations. It also looks like something that you could easily print at home with extant 3D printers today.

It's easy - almost impossible to deny - that this or similar products will be ubiquitous and dirt cheap soon, as well as be simple DIY projects.

Here's some fun for those of you worried that bad actors with drones are going to impact you in the future. While this is intended to be used by drone operators, drone traps are also good ideas to enable their targets to not only prevent drones from doing harm, but to capture them to use against enemies.

Free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff?

It's clear that today's harvest of new tech is but a tiny sample of what's being done each and every day to make you more powerful. Got ideas on how to use media to better serve your community? Have a go:

Innovation Challenge is seeking proposals to do just that. Maybe you can change the world today, so we can all be more free by waging the informationwar with better weapons.

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We await the changes new technologies promise. Hopefully we get and accept them sooner than later


I intend to actively gain such as seem fruitful today. I hope to undertake this ongoing transition, as you say, sooner, rather than later. I expect a wild ride, and hope I can hang on at my advanced state of decrepitude.


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