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RE: The Global Government Is Preparing A Global Tax Regime

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All government is a form of collectivization. Underlying all forms of government is the essential chattelization of sovereign people. Government, even as technology advances to make collectivization obsolete, increasingly advances that chattelization. Government is the enemy of freedom, and will always undertake to reduce it, increasingly as time goes on.

We are in a race to literally save humanity from being reduced to infertile drones farmed by royalty, analogous to eusocial insects. The decline of testosterone in the West by more than 60% in two generations reveals this effort is not only already begun, but far advanced to completion.

If decentralization develops and disperses individually owned means of production fast enough, we may be able to disperse terrestrial life off Earth, and thereafter centralized institutional power will never again be able to threaten humanity with reduction to a domestic species. Folks able to gain and manage trillions of dollars of wealth are extraordinarily competent at negotiating society, and are not unaware of this. It is my hope that they intend that ace in the hole to be played, that they do not intend to extinction of humanity capable of freedom, except on Earth where they will farm our domesticated descendants.

I don't reckon we should have faith in this hope, but rather advance our adoption and development of distributed means of production to reduce the time necessary to gain the ability to export terrestrial life off world, where no institution can corral it. Whether it's a global taxation platform, or the privatization of Earth's carbon through carbon credits, we approach totalitarian oppression free people have never before suffered.

We must work towards manifesting that hope of survival of free people with due diligence today, that our posterity might live free all their days.



This is horribly disturbing news. Global governing bodies dont need tax revenue. This is about aquiring your passive consent to be governed. Freedom requires you to verbalize you do not consent. When 10% of the population withdraws their consent, all governments lose their implied legitimacy. Deny them this new tax and relieve yourself from this burden.

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