Still working my way through it at the moment. Very thought provoking so far.
Something that comes to mind is what he says about this being a crisis that should be paid more attention to and we should be worried. Perhaps a reason why many aren't particularly worried is because there's the prevalent belief we're over populated anyway, so this isn't seen as a bad thing to have it drop. Are we overpopulated or just well brainwashed to believe we are? 🤔

Any investigation into resource abundance and population reveals that we are not short resources, but that polities are extremely bad at rational development and distribution. My research has led me to grasp that it is the centralization and concentration of wealth that is the primary cause of environmental harm.

It is the rapine competition between institutions and the pathological individuals that seize power over them that drives the least expensive development mechanisms that causes environmental degradation, by enabling the least tiny profit advantage to capture resources. Utter disregard for society is inculcated by crony capitalism, and this is the fruit of inhuman and inhumane 'legal persons' being effected by psychopathic individuals focused solely on their own benefit.

Due to the least socialized individuals undertaking means of gaining power, that normal people refuse to undertake because of their human care and concern for their fellows, global resources are captured by institutions run by psychopaths. Despite institutions defining themselves (governments are institutions) as 'legal persons' they are not persons at all. They do not have human motivations and social connections like actual people do. They are innately inhuman and inhumane, and psychopaths deprived of normal social functionality therefore have strong affinity to institutions, capturing the parasitic power institutions are availed over individuals.

This is the actual problem, not human population, IMHO.


When we look at resource distribution, it does seem to indicate that population reduction would be for the benefit of the few who wouldn't want to change their lifestyle.


Eliminate the competition and you get to enjoy all the luxuries you want without too much harm to your environment.

What kept me from accepting this paradigm for decades was that while consumption is focused on the top 1%, production, from which that 1% parasitize all that wealth to consume with, is undertaken by the rest. That made them dependent on our production for their consumption, and made them loathe to kill us all.

Automation potentially eliminates our utility, and that dramatically changes my calculus.

We really don't compete with them for quality of life items. Personally, I eschew them to the extent possible. I intend to live hard and die free, as that's what I respect. Most of us didn't have a choice anyway. We're too honest to steal, and too nice to rob our robber barons. It's just how we're made.

I have hoped to inspire folks to undertake development and distribution of decentralized means of production to decrease their parasitization and increase their actual wealth and power relative to institutions, but I'm a tear in rain. A few folks listened to me and that got me banned off other platforms. C'est la guerre =p. I call that a win.

The problem the banksters have is they can't keep emasculating the professional military and count on them to wipe civilians out, and they can't replace the professional military themselves, because they're incompetent. They presently can't resort to automation entirely for their quality of life either, so we still have time to develop and distribute nominal means of production to render them less powerful.

If the professional military ever grasp they're being chemically castrated with the rest of us, God help the banksters. Sometime in the next two decades, they will know, and that will make them very, very mad.

I won't live long enough to see it happen, but I remain confident humanity will shake off it's fleas and deliver the stars to our posterity.


Can we take some vitamins or what?

Good organic food will sure help a lot, because many pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that are on food are pseudoestrogens, which cause decline in testosterone. Atrazine is the chemical that first alerted Alex Jones to the problem of frogs undergoing feminization, for example.

Most plastics also ooze various chemicals, many of which also reduce testosterone. Our waterpipes are plastic, and pvc is one of the worst plastics in this regard, and also extremely common as plumbing pipe. Almost all our food is sold to us packaged in plastic. Tin cans are lined with plastic because many canned foods are acidic and chemically react with the metals of the cans. Same with soda cans. Lots of implements we use to cook have plastic lining, and teflon is horribly destructive of testosterone.

Our shampoos, soaps, conditioners, deodorants, toothpaste, makeup, cleaning solutions, glues, solvents, paints, and clothes are all oozing testosterone destroying chemicals.

The problem isn't soluble by taking vitamins, particularly not if - as is the rule - those supplements come in plastic bottles.

It's not just Soy. Many drugs and additives in our food also do the same thing.

What will help is using glass containers, steel cookware, ceramic plates, cups, and bowls, wool and cotton clothes and fabric, such as furniture and rugs, organic glues and solvents and paints, and avoiding plastic and factory processed foods and products of every kind.

It's a lot of work to replace shampoos and hygiene products with ones that don't contain harmful chemicals. I brush my teeth with baking soda with a bit of mint powder in it to make it taste better (can't find a toothbrush that isn't plastic though. Gonna have to make my own). There are recipes for soap, and similar products you can make yourself, or buy from specialty boutiques or local crafters. Coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch to stiffen it will make deodorant.

The organic food and homestead community here on Steem is well represented, with folks like @homesteaderscoop, @breezin, @minismallholding, and the @naturalmedicine community even offers it's own token, Lotus. I'd start searching through their follows to find more, and through their back catalogs for posts with recipes.

Stop allowing plastics to ooze into your body through your foods, hygiene products, clothes, plumbing, and cookware and utensils first, and then see about getting plastics and chemicals out of your house and car to the extent you can. Copper water pipes are expensive, and you can only replace the ones in a home you own. The local water utility probably uses plastic pipes, which you probably can't get them to change. It might be possible to filter out many chemicals, but water filters good enough to get hormone analogs out of water aren't cheap. They're also usually made of plastic LOL.

Lemme know if you find any good ideas, too. I'm trying to figure out just how impacted I am by endocrine disruption through my doctor now, but my GP originally told me they didn't even know how to test for it. Since my heart attack they are coming around, since low test is a strong factor in heart disease. You might get tested to see if you're in need of medical intervention to restore healthy hormone levels. Most people don't have any idea they have that problem, and most doctors don't even know it's as big a problem as it is.

Maybe show them Jeremy Grantham's letter.

This planet already has 6 billion souls on it. There exists limited resources to feed the ever-increasing population. The decrease in population is not something to be alarmed, but a phenomenon, in which men find comfort. Decrease in population does not indicate looming extinction, but the human race finding equilibrium with its environment. There is no global conspiracy to poison the human race. There may be some deluded idiots who imagine themselves saviors of the planet, but there will always be idiots who think they are anointed to "reform" society. Decrease in birth rate is merely a consequence of socioeconomic realities of developed societies. The reason for pre-antibiotic era societies to have bred like rabbits is due to high infant mortality rate and death rate from infections. In the modern era of easily accessible medical care, at least in the rationally governed societies, there is no reason to birth a litter of young.

"This planet already has 6 billion souls on it."

"The current world population is 7.8 billion as of February 2020 "

"The current population of China is 1,437,222,545 as of Thursday, February 13, 2020"

I know COVID-19 is looking bad for China, but I don't think you should write the Chinese population off entirely.

"There is no global conspiracy to poison the human race."

Well, thanks for that reassurance. [citation needed]

Personally, I think you're blowing smoke up my skirt, as is your wont. As usual, you ignore actual data and science and spout political propaganda encouraging obeisance to overlords.

Ain't gonna work on rational people. Any folks that swallow this load of crap demonstrate their evolutionary fitness, or rather their lack of it.


Rational people don't entertain paraoid delusions of zeroes because they don't require a never-ending list of excuses for their failures in real life. The reason for the conspiracy psychotics' failure at life is primarily due to their inability to adjust to the requirements of their sociocultural melieu, not because of some omnipresent, global cabal of naughty men. It is not the reform of society that is needed, but the correction of the zeroes' psychotic thoughts, acceptance of their station, and obedience to the rules of their sociocultural norms. The lunacy of those who can not even obey simple directions from their betters, deluding themselves into thinking they possess the ability to command social reform would be comical, if it is not so harmful to both the society and the zeroes.

"...conspiracy psychotics..."

Great term. It's the one thing of value in your comment that I will treasure going forward. It well describes the CCP, banksters, and all their ilk throughout history, and prior to it.

The rest is mere political opinion, which matters not at all to physics and the laws of the universe which mandate decentralization of means of production as the necessary advance in technology going forward. Individuals possessing those means will eventually be immune to parasitization, and this will make institutional power obsolete, along with politics.

It's been fun discussing these matters, and I appreciate your help in forming my understanding. That's probably over now. We'll see what the new world coming holds. Your dreams of a totalitarian despotism unrivaled in history may be coming true.


Something else I wanted to note here is that after reading Grantham's post, I think he may be oversimplifying the fertility issue. There are various factors that contribute to low male fertility like alcohol consumption, other recreational drug use, exercise, BMI, healthy diet, etc. It's not just the two issues he cites: delayed reproduction and chemical toxicity. Considering that we live in an increasingly sedentary and obese world, it's possible that this accounts for the majority of fertility decline. Synthetic endocrine disruptors aren't the only ones in existence either. Soy and other foods for example have high concentrations of phytoestrogens that may disrupt normal endocrine health. The prolific use of soy in foods coincides with the use of pesticides on the timeline in question, at least here in the US. Another coincident variable is prolific recreational drug use, particularly marijuana. If we banned all synthetic chemicals that can cause endocrine disruption tomorrow, we wouldn't suddenly have removed all of the potential variables that interfere with male fertility. There's much more to it than that.

There's also the question of whether the doses of these chemicals that people are typically exposed to would have any effect at all. Any research I've seen in this area is inconclusive and much of the evidence suggests no effect. This is not to say that one shouldn't be cautious when trying to conceive, but I consider it more of a "better safe than sorry" approach than a conclusive "this must be done or fertility will certainly be reduced."


I'm reminded of the Spartans when I read these posts of yours about fertility rate and its implications on the sustenance of society and the species itself. Their society imploded through a combination of perpetual war and a lack of adequate reproduction to replace the warriors who perished in those wars. I did a post on it in my early days here on Steem after watching a documentary about it. It was very disturbing to learn of their cultural practices in regards to children and child-rearing. I had known about their infanticidal practices from my history classes, but the forced homosexual practices from childhood and the rape of boys as the preferred adult male sexual practice was probably considered too taboo for high schoolers and was equally as disturbing. Something else that I noted about them was that their economic philosophy seemed to closely mirror modern examples of communism. Why the Spartans are a celebrated icon is beyond my understanding. They seem to be one of the worst examples of humanity that has ever been seen.

I think we may have seen the same documentary. It was a talk eye opener.

There was something to be admired in an army trained to fight so well as to instill fear and respect through the ages, but it is funny that the price of this is rarely talked about. A society where only one thing is valued above all else has no balance and is pretty much guaranteed to collapse. You'd think it a lesson to be learnt from history, but instead we revere them for that fighting prowess and abstinence of all comfort, which ultimately brought about their extinction via their tunnel vision.