BREAKING: George Webb Names Man Who Set Up the Murder of Seth Rich - Day 219 - A Webb Companion

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"This is the man, Alpha Jalloh, who's gonna be the one to set up the murder of Seth Rich."

"The reason I take people to the minor places first to set up the background is that you want to be around when you actually spill the beans."

"I said it was either gonna be Nigerian, Somalians or Pakistanis. I still think a Pakistani set him [Alpha Jalloh] up for the thing. And then I said at the lowest level it was going to be MS-13. He's gonna hire two MS-13 guys and they're gonna be the team of three that ends up killing Seth Rich."

Day 219.1. Hillary s Leakers  Hackers  and Henchmen   YouTube.png


George has taken a long and winding path, that some have called a 'wild goose chase', for the past 3 months focusing in on the Awan Brothers and their associates. The Awan brothers are Pakistani Nationals working as IT staffers for congressional Democrats. Along with suspiciously being paid 2-3 times the average pay of their peers $160K, they had a number of car dealerships, tech, shipping companies and other businesses on the side in the Falls Church Virginia area outside DC.

It is believed that the Awan brothers fled to Pakistan after being investigated in connection with the theft/burglaries of 30 congressional representatives (perhaps as high as 80 reps in 14 years) of blackberries and laptops, a story that has yet to be covered in the MSM.

Day 219.1

Updating as the story unfolds

Update 1

Mr. McCabe left some footprints here too because Alpha Jalloh was arrested towards the end of November in New Jersey... he's released and this is always the thing that happens when you deal with an FBI informant, you get greedy, and you release them and use them for your own political purposes.

You're gonna find him, Alpha Jalloh, going to that same Pierpont address, I've got several footprints and there's gonna be more now that I've published his name. And You're going to find him going to the DNC, again lots of footprints I've got now and there's going to be more. This is really going to spill now because Washington has so many cameras and New York has so many cameras. When you're going around to different people's houses and stealing cars you're gonna have security cameras, you're gonna have police reports, lots of footprints.


Update 2 (More Transcript)

I'm gonna call it this morning, breaking news. It's gonna be Alpha Jalloh. How do I know? Well I go back to publicly available information: SVR...the Russian intelligence agency was worried about Alpha Jalloh, that's why they were following him, that's why they were tracking his communications and that's how they got it in the communication with Seth Rich. Seth Rich had the database. Seth Rich was working with Kim Dotcom, who I believe is also an FBI informant...

I'm just gonna say that that's the connection from Alpha Jalloh to Kim Dotcom to Seth Rich.

The mega upload (not to make fun of Kim Dotcom) from DNC headquarters, which is where [Alpha Jalloh] would give people cars up to pierpont in Brooklyn, that mega-upload (NGP-Van voter data from DNC to CF) is what triggered the Russian diplomat, I can't remember his name, but triggered the Russian diplomat to send 2 diplomats over to the FBI, to the State Department, to warn them that a murder was about to happen. So now we have the Russians again, much like the Tsarnaev case, warning the US government through the State Department that this man [Jalloh] was about ready to hire people and kill Seth Rich.


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It seems like the rumors linking Alpha Jalloh and his friends to Seth Rich's murder have been circulating on the web since July 2016. Looks like the source for making the SVR report public would be Sorcha Faal at WhatDoesIt

This SVR report, though, says that DNC official Seth Rich was “lured/enticed” to his murder by this Clinton “hit team” who portrayed themselves as FBI agents wanting to secretly interview him—and that the expelled Russian diplomats had given the US State Department “electronic access” to so that they could be found.

Curiously, this report continues, US authorities, and while being able to track this Clinton “hit team” since 7 July, only confronted these assassins yesterday—and who before being captured, engaged in a gun battle with US federal police forces firing their fully automatic weapons before being trapped and surrendering just blocks from the US Capitol and White House.

On Wednesday, police identified the suspects as Keyante Edwards, 19, of Southwest D.C.; Alpha Jalloh, 18, of Southwest D.C., and Keith Jones, 20, of Southeast D.C.

Edwards, who is accused of firing the gun, and Jalloh, who court documents say drove the vehicle, face a number of charges and were ordered held without bond. Jones, who is only charged with evading arrest, was released on his own recognizance.

Some believe that Sorcha Faal is David Booth, the owner of the WhatDoesIt website.

There is a high chance that "Sorcha Faal" is actually David Booth, the owner/operator of the website, or someone collaborating with him.


Alpha Jalloh, the stolen cars high-level fence, was 26 years old in 2015. While Alpha Jalloh, the driver of the fleeing car at the Capitol, was 18 in 2016. Probably not the same person.

George Webb is the man! He's got this case cracked... Hopefully we will see some justice as a result of his great work.


This is crazy... DC is in full panic and info is leaking like a sieve!


Yea now to watch them all turn on each other trying to get deals... should be good.