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Wow, a nice little milestone for me. Thanks to everyone who is following me.

I never thought I would still be on this platform. When I first started, I jumped up pretty fast in rep. Then I got in a little disagreement with someone who was a lot bigger than me. He proceeded to downvote everything I had and sent my rep right back to the beginning. That gave me a very bad taste in my mouth for this platform. Fine, if you disagree with someone, state your opposing view. But this guy took away the few pennies I had coming from the work I did for the past week.

At that point, I said screw it. I gave up posting and just commented on whomever I wanted, however I wanted, not worrying about protecting my rep or income because I had none.

And so I went for a few months. But pennies started trickling in again and I found these guys. They are a nice little support community that helps people with no following get some upvotes. Now, because of these guys, I feel like posting a bit again.

I also ran across this UBI project. Its pretty cool. They created a cryptocurrency that they will distribute weekly to anyone who signs up. It was seeded by charity and volunteer work. So I am spreading the word about MannaBase. They seem like good guys trying to help the desperately poor. Check out the website.

Anyway thanks a lot for the follows, hopefully this will encourage me to post more often.


Ohh congrats! Keep on steeming and doing tasks, beat the big guy! Read, upvoted and commented by rubelynmacion

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This post was Upvoted by jason21 of kryptonia. Great job @uvas

kryptonia @ziggy

Congrats! kryptonia id @ofili2

I'm glad you are persisting and sorry about the prior trouble. It is best to walk away from controversy here as you found out. Better to stay positive and gain rewards :)

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name.

Congrats on your milestone
I have Upvoted your task from kryptonia @stevehuggett :)

Congratulations from krytonian @joshie3739. Upvoted.

kryptonia @steemizm

You really tried here, nice work, my kryptonia id is @grace234

I also saw a particular whale downvoting a minnow because of an argument. It was ugly, I have to say.

I'm glad that you're back and found support in Krypt system. I'm also a new user there, although I don't use it frequently. Krypt/rockofallages