"Vaccines Can Kill" Billboards Up Across America After Son of MMA Fighter Dies.

in news •  6 months ago

Large scale billboard banners warning of the risks of vaccinations have been put up in New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts, Syracuse, New York, and Middletown, Connecticut following the death of a child, apparently from a reaction to vaccinations.

source: Daily Mail

As I have covered many times, there are serious flaws in the logic behind vaccine science and the fact that so many blindly and naively believe that they are entirely safe, while the evidence shows contrary - is alarming. Billions of dollars have been paid out to families of victims of vaccine injury and death attributed to vaccination, yet are we generally informed of this? No. Usually such information tends to have to come from 'cooky conspiracy theorists' who have the crazy idea that paying attention to government statistics and the safety inserts in vaccines might show something that contradicts the mainstream narrative.

I recently made a post that appears to use the US government's own figures to show that there is greater risk from the measles vaccine than there is from measles and while some might say that the risk of measles is low due to the effectiveness of the vaccines (how exactly can a method of healing be effective if it kills?!) - the reality is that the records of disease incidence for measles (along with many other vaccinated diseases) show that the levels of the disease were nose diving BEFORE the introduction of the vaccine in the last century and that the vaccine's introduction doesn't really make much of a marked change in the rate of reduction.


But hey, there's more people in comments under posts of this kind in the mainstream repeating the mainstream narrative that vaccines are 'safe and effective' - so I guess that must make me just plain wrong then.


Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I've been singing the same song for a number of years now.

I personally know three people whose children developed autism immediately following childhood vaccines, and several more whose dogs and cats have been harmed or killed by vaccines, including the rabies vaccine.

I choose to get no vaccines myself, following nearly dying from my one and only flu vaccine, which I was required to get prior to starting college classes shortly after I turned seventeen.

The only vaccine I've given my animals in recent years is the rabies vaccine, which is mandated by law, but I'm rethinking that, as the last time I got my cat Bear vaccinated, his breath almost immediately started smelling like rotting meat, which had NEVER happened before.

This video has a lot of food for thought, and he references a number of studies and websites that can be easily corroborated.

I also strongly recommend checking out www.greenmedinfo.com, which has a wealth of information regarding real vaccine science, including cutting edge research and clinical trials from all over the world.

The truth is out there, and it is clear from my own research that the majority of vaccines are neither safe NOR effective.



I was asked to look into vaccines by mothers in the healing group I have participated in for a decade shortly before Del started researching Vaxxed, so I was seeing the same situation and evidence that he did. I am very happy he used his resources and connections to do what he has done becuase I simply could not at that time and it was heart breaking to try to get others to listen without having such a voice in this culture. I actually received 2 death threats online for exposing the subjects that he has exposed here. I also saw my comments systematically shut down on major science forums without explanation as soon as I started posting scientific studies in opposition to vaccines dogma.

Eventually humans (those that survive the madness) will come to know the truth and will look back at horror to this situation just as we look back at plagues with horror today. The difference will be that they will know and understand 100% that it was the humans in 'authority' that caused the suffering and disaster - and often knowingly.


Yeah, I can relate, I'm really concerned for our next-door-neighbor's nearly-due granddaughter.

Their daughter-in-law works for a local hospital, and they've opted to induce labor tomorrow, rather than waiting for the baby to be ready.

I have little doubt that they'll go with the full vaccine schedule.

I'm praying and sending Matrix for the vibrant good health of both mother and child, in spite of it all.


It is possible that since our body is genius, held back by denials - that at some point, as we understand ourselves and this situation better, our bodies will get better at healing from the injuries being done in the name of 'healthcare'. <3


Indeed, not to mention that prayers, and setting intention, do have real-world effects.

At this point there's not much more I can do. They've made their choices.

great post @ura-soul... I'm lucky, I missed the big vaccine push... I'm one of the last "free" people who grow up when we had something called "informed consent"... nowdays snake oil salesmen have lobbyist, lawyers and politicians.... It's sad how Americans just gave up their voices 'cuz business bought the government ... their greed brings death and retardation to the next generations..... how sad it that?


It is a sad thing indeed to think that growing up in the 1980s, I had more awareness of true liberation than many of those younger than me today. In practice, they should be more aware than I was, but in reality they are the victim of a new wave of complex attempts to overpower the self and deny free will. Technology and increased understanding is a double edged sword as long as heartlessness and denial are epidemic!

In 2003 I was in an airport with my cousin who bumped into a friend from high school who she hadn't seen for 10 years.

Siting in the bar, they were talking to each other and...

She says: "her 3 year old boy just came down with autism. He didn't have it before, he just came down with it, like a cold."

I asked: Has he had any vaccines?

She says: Yes, just before he changed.....


It is very sad, yes - I have met a few who have said similar, yet so many swear blind this is 'impossible' because 'the science is clear' etc.
There are groups who have had success in reversing these autistic symptoms in children using specific detox methods - there are action groups of scientists and doctors and they can be found on youtube under specific channels.

Hmmm. Your post was just brought to my attention as I was asking around on disccord about the flu vaccine... THEY ARE STARTING TO TURN ME!!!!

I just found myself wondering if I should (for the first time) take the flu shot... part of me thinks if the flu keeps on getting stronger because of our vaccines, than wouldn't it eventually reach a strength our natural bodies (without vaccination) couldn't naturally handle it anymore?

It's the season again and I unfortunately was one blindly letting my child have the shot just today!

Thanks for the info...


Greetings! I am not a 'medical professional' and this is not medical advice.

My understanding of the flu vaccine process is that it is inherently flawed in several ways, not least in that there are many potential flu causing pathogens and the people who make the vaccines each year literally make an educated guess at which ones might be the problem ones for the year and then try to target those. So even if the vaccines were the best option for health (which I am clear they are not) then the flu vaccines would be among the least effective anyway.

If you want to go deeper into the vaccine rabbit hole, I suggest the following posts:





No worries, I don't need a disclaimer... I try not to play the blaming game. If I take your advice, it is I only who is responsible for those actions,😉!

Thanks for the links into the rabbit hole, I will probably take a dive sometime soon. As for myself, I will most likely skip the shot again.

Thank you @ura-soul

it's a shame the sort of stigma that gets placed on people simply for questioning....


There are a lot of dysfunctional people on Earth! I have twice had direct death threats just for posting links to scientific studies that show issues with vaccine science. Apparently I am putting all of us at risk by questioning vaccine logic and so I should be killed.. Sounds exactly like the thoughts of someone who values health.. Orr not.


Sorry to get off subject a little... but where did you get this excellent poster? I live it!


perfect poster ! 😂😂


Nice! Very appropriate for this post.

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Is this still being propagated? Are we not all guaranteed long healthy, happy lives?

Seriously, vaccines aren't perfect (nothing is). But they're designed by very intelligent people (scientists) to do a job other than killing people. That is, they're designed to stop people getting ill / dying of disease.

Cars are a bit more dangerous, don't you think? Cigarettes aren't the best idea in the world, either. Maybe, these should be protested?

Give me ten kids dying through a vaccine over ten million kids dying of the disease said vaccine prevents ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, PLEASE.


Next, we'll be banning guns? ;)


I suggest reviewing the information presented by numerous doctors and scientists in the comment I posted here already - these people explain how the logic used to promote vaccines is flawed and misleading. In some countries people are seriously hindered financially and in other ways via politics and law if they refuse vaccinations - yet vaccinations can kill - this is highly unethical.


numerous doctors and scientists...

The vast majority of scientists (particularly the ones who aren't crooked) are very much in favour of vaccination programmes. There'll always be some homeopath quacks (eg. Trevor Gunn) cynically denouncing science in order to obtain fame and/or fortune but this is established science we're talking.

I spent enough years studying biology to know I probably don't need to review the information provided in your links. Thanks all the same.

We got a lid on smallpox through vaccines (I believe the US and Russia both keep samples in locked cabinets) and they work for lots of other viruses, too. If we don't seek to immunise ourselves, there's always the chance we'll have a great epidemic (millions died in at least one last century). And if there's such an outbreak, we don't really have that much we can treat them with after the fact. You mostly have to tough it out and hope for a full recovery ( / try praying if you're gullible enough to believe in sky-fairies also).

Why not just trust in common sense and accept they worked very well in the past so they'll work very well still, today, as they will continue to throughout humanity's future? The flu virus itself keeps mutating so we'll never completely beat it. But I'm damned sure the world's a lot safer with the majority of people opting to be vaccinated (where more serious viruses than the flu are concerned) than it would be if we all believed the debunked nonsense you seem to happily believe.

Or are the vast majority of scientists very much mistaken?


I have seen myself in numerous cases, many scientists admit that after years of following certain ideas and denying messages to the contrary because 'they probably arern't true' - they eventually stopped being lazy and looked at ALL The data - then changed their mind and apologized. I have watched my own family members die (be killed) by the actions of doctors who are 'only following orders' and I have no time for it. Be real or step back now.


I give up.

And I'm sorry that you feel (rightly or wrongly) that you've lost love ones to medical malpractice. I really am. I'm certain those involved would have been doing their best for all the right reasons but you apparently disagree so let's not go there....

All the best for the future but maybe consider studying for a degree in virology yourself before spreading stuff of this nature?


How I feel is nothing you need to apologise for here. The malpractice is systemic, born of 'policy following' and believing in those who set policies without doing due diligence and open minded, personal exploration. I have read enough studies, debated enough professionals and learned from enough professionals already to be clear that the key points raised as flaws in this and other medical topics are never successfully rebutted by those who use appeals to authority in place of addressing fine points.

All I have done here and in other posts is point people towards those who do hold doctorates in relevant fields and who concur that 'vaccines are the junk science of the 20th century' (a quote from one of the early vaccine pioneers himself).


We'll have to agree to disagree. I guess.

I just know the best scientists in the world, those with firsts from Oxbridge and Harvard / Yale are going to end up trying to do good for the world in the very best science jobs whilst those who aren't the best will generally end up being your conspiracy theorists, in this case, your anti-vaxers.

You can not possibly disagree with this. It could never be the other way round. I can only expect those with phony 'Trump University' degrees to end up anti-vaxers.* And you're fine on that side?

I can't help but feel though that if you're going to post on such a contentious issue (and the anti-vax cause is that) then you've got to be ready for people who disagree with you. A lot of people I've disagreed with consider steemit their safe place. They really shouldn't. People make posts, others post comments. That ends steemit etiquette 101 as far as I see. If you're not ready to receive dissenting comments, then maybe you're not ready to post?

Either way, I'm tired of this nonsense and won't be replying to any more posts on this, here.

*I'm fairly sure the fraud that was Trump University would never have offered biomedical degrees. It just felt good to write at the time, in today's world with Trump being Trump and America being America.


Is this still being propagated?

Yes, it's still being discussed because we still seem to have a problem.

Are we not all guaranteed long healthy, happy lives?

No, I don't think so. At least I was never promised anything like that. I'm unsure if you are being statistic or not.

Cars are a bit more dangerous, don't you think? Cigarettes aren't the best idea in the world, either.

Cars can kill! I've seen it happen with my own eyes but I've never been mandated to ride in a car. Or coerced by "officials" to smoke a cigarette. Ok some cigarette advertising is pretty coercive but I don't consider the people pushing me to smoke "official".

Give me ten kids dying through a vaccine over ten million kids dying of the disease said vaccine prevents ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, PLEASE.

Sacafrice a few, for the good of the many. I agree with that logic, however.. At this point in time a bunch of those diseases don't exist any more, Polio, Smallpox etc. So those vaccines don't prevent anything but we keep giving making people take them anyway.

So those 10 kids that died, died for no reason. Not to mention the thousands that were permenantly harmed.

Using "the few for the many" rule, we should stop giving those particular vaccines to people, until we start having a problem with said disease.


Please watch the video with Del Bigtree, that I linked in another comment on this post, and then see if you feel the same way. He is quoting a number of readily verifiable sources in the video.

In 1986, against his own better judgment, President Ronald Reagan signed a law that exempted vaccine manufacturers from liability - they cannot be sued by a member of the public, regardless of provable harm caused by their vaccine. You read that right.

Since that time, manufacturers are not even doing rudimentary research on their vaccines - they are simply unleashing them on a largely-unsuspecting public, and their numbers have drastically multiplied - and congress is planning to mandate a vaccine schedule for adults as well.

Today's vaccines are NOT proven to prevent any disease, and in fact, in independent studies on vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, it has been found that the unvaccinated children are FAR healthier than their vaccinated peers, and that vaccinated children are FIVE TIMES LIKELIER TO DIE. from ALL causes, before reaching adulthood.

When the vaccines are far more dangerous than the diseases they are supposed to be preventing, something has gone seriously wrong with how medicine is practiced in this country, and any others currently mandating vaccines that are proven to cause harm.

For the record, I majored in biology, and have medical training.


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