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Is Poland The Worst Nightmare For The Globalist?

in news •  26 days ago

I had never been to Poland previous to Steemfest and I have to say that while I had never been to such a pink skinned country (I saw basically zero non pink people until I got to Steemfest) - at the same time I didn't see any evidence at all of any racism or xenophobia. That said, we were in a City and it is usual for such things to be found more out in the countryside. Generalising any large group of people to be similar or the same is always an act that denies the truth. I was really surprised when a guy in England told me that there had been some kind of 'far right' march in Poland, when I was there and only saw what I took to be national pride. I am not a fan of nations in general, as I recognise them to be typically divisive rather than empowering - but I would never twist national pride to be more than it is.

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