Medical Cannabis May Help Improve Memory in Old Age

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Throughout history, many new discoveries and theories have always faced heavy resistance to begin with.

Later, when irrefutable scientific evidence is produced, the concept is not only accepted by the community, but becomes the norm.

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The most frequently-quoted example of this historical precedent is the discovery that the world is spherical in shape.

The positive use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is the latest finding that is a much-debated topic among many circles.

How can cannabis, a substance known to be a psychoactive drug, be allowed to be used as a remedy?

But the solid evidence from some research conducted and published recently compels everyone to take a closer look at this.

The Recent Cannabis Research

The research being referred to was conducted in Germany, at the University of Bonn. The Cannabis experiment, which was carried out on mice, followed a pattern.

There were two to three sets of mice chosen, some younger in age and some older. The older subjects were already identified as having issues with their brain activities and had slower movements.

Then the research team administered tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in measured doses to the older mice. THC is the primary constituent of cannabis.

The results obtained, as published in a leading science publication, are indeed revealing. The older mice appeared to be performing tasks at an even brisker pace than those much younger to them in age.

The research was not limited to just this angle, though. They administered cannabis to the mice and compared their responses under different conditions to perform different tasks and recorded their observations.

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Some interesting cannabis tests included allowing the subjects to negotiate themselves out of a maze made of water. It is a test of their memory than anything else, apart from the alacrity with which they are able to move.

Performance Improvement Evident

The effects of cannabis were so evident that the older subjects, which were lagging behind the younger ones before they were given the dose of THC, showed that they can perform the same tasks at a faster pace than the younger subjects that had not been given cannabis.

Will it work on Humans?

It has to be mentioned here that many drugs and remedies prescribed and used by humans were first tested on mice and other animals.

It is only after such results are published and extensively debated that the drug is first synthesized; certain volunteers are then chosen to run clinical trials and finally the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) comes into the picture to approve the drug for the intended treatment.

The Cannabis Medical Phenomenon Explained

Assorted cannabis bud strains and glass jars isolated on black background
Research results showed significant effects of cannabis to humans gaining approval for medical use.
There has already been a lot said about recreational marijuana and the way it has been approved for medicinal use in a number of states in the U.S.

Cognitive functions controlled through the human brain are basically related to the nervous system. When the nervous system shows signs of ageing, the signals being transmitted to the brain and back are hampered, and then some disorders start setting in.

Some of these manifest as dementia and in more serious cases into Alzheimer’s and so on.

This is what is addressed by the use of recreational marijuana or cannabis. The function of these substances within the human system is called neuroprotection.

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Once injected into the body in the prescribed quantity, they can quickly reach the portions of the brain and the nerve cells around it to form a layer which protects these cells and thereby negates any signs of damage to the brain.

The brain begins to function as if there has been no aging, so the individual can regain cognitive functioning and lead a near-normal life.

Going one step beyond, cannabis used in the proper form and proportion can even reverse the process of aging in humans.

This is where the medicinal quality of this otherwise psychoactive substance comes to the forefront, and one of the reasons why even governments are ready to permit the consumption of substances like cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

In an indirect way, the governments, whether on a federal level or a state level, stand to gain from legalizing cannabis. Senior citizens under social security often account for enormous amounts of public money in order to maintain their medical treatments.

If the use of cannabis can restore their health, these expenses are controlled and dollars are saved.



Reducing flowers and leaf to hash oil black liquid that can be taken orally is shown to be medicinal and can be taken daily over time and build up a tolerance for it's effects such that it does not affect the user a great deal, except to help them sleep (in the case of a pure Indica).

Most people don't realize the THc is very medicinal.

Yes it is. It's not how the media looks at it as a drug ! It has many medical uses .

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Long term memory maybe but not short term. I am speeking from my own experience.

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