Who Should We Draft To Run For Governor?

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Even with such wonderful candidates as we have running for Governor right now, some potential candidates would start out at the front of the pack if they ever decided to run for office.

Just imagine how much energy there would be if Ron Paul ever decided to run for Governor, for example.

In fact, there are quite a few candidates (like Ron Paul) that would bring special advantages to their campaigns.

If we're going to convince any of them to run for office, we're going to need to start a draft effort for them to show them there is support, and before we can do that, we need to decide who to set up the draft events for.

Below is a short list of potential candidates we might like to see run for office. (I'll add your suggestions to this list as you make them).

Please vote for your favorite candidates by leaving their names in the comments below.  And also please leave any names you feel we should add to the list.  If you don't have a Disqus account, you can contact me, and I'll add your votes to the list.

And PLEASE share this post so we can receive more input so we can get a better idea of who people want to see run.

Remember, the right candidate could re energize the liberty movement to the Ron Paul days and even beyond.  

Choose wisely, and most importantly, choose! :)

Candidates to Draft for the Office of Governor:

Ron Paul
Judge Andrew Napolitano
Vince Vaughn
Glenn Jacobs
Peter Thiel
John Stossel
Peter Schiff
Thomas Sowell
Adam Kokesh
Austin Petersen
Mary Ruwart
Julie Borowski
John McAfee
Michael Nystrom
Jason Sorens
Carla Gierke
Angela Keaton
Mary J. Ruwart
Scott Horton
Vijay Boyapatee 

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