Terror attacks in NYC/NJ - 9/17

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There's been 3 terrorist attacks in America in a single day

In New Jersey, an explosion from an IED in a garbage can caused a Marine Corps charity run to be cancelled, no injuries. The bomb's timing was off by a number of minutes, possibly because the start of the race was unexpectantly delayed or we may have had another bostom marathon bombing. 3 other pipe bombs were later found nearby.

In Minnesota, 8 were injured by a man on a stabbing spree. The man made reference to Allah and was asking the victims whether they were muslim. He was luckily killed by an off-duty police officer.

And in NYC, another IED explosion went off from a dumpster, this time injuring 29 people.

And how does the mainstream media report it? They're too busy pointing fingers at Trump for claiming the explosions were caused by a bomb before it was 'officially declared'. That was the biggest story yesterday. They're so against him that they'll twist absolutely anything to try to defame him and if there's nothing to twist, they'll blatantly lie. Even if you think Trump's a complete moron, the complete control the clinton organization has over the media is highly disturbing and Orwellian.

And the hilarious part is Hillary also called these explosions a bombing during an interview before it was officially declared while simultaneously slamming Trump yet that goes unnoticed. Source.
The clip of this has been edited out of the video the major news outlets are showing.

There has also been a complete refusal to recognize these attacks as terrorism by NY's mayor, the mainstream media, and other officials. Anything to stop Hillary's numbers from going down.

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